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Patrick Copeland – Chief Wine Editor



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PJ Fox – Spirit Editor

Our Idea

Stogies on the Rocks came about as an idea of pairing cigars and different spirits together and seeing how each one influenced the flavor profile of the other. Typically when we smoke cigars we have something to drink along with it. Hence the name Stogies On the Rocks. Any cigar with any thing on ice, and sometimes even with beer, and no we don’t put our beer on ice.

Here at SOTR we are by no means aficionados and we don’t strive to be. We just really enjoy our cigars and our spirits. We enjoy them separately and combined. You may disagree with the reviews on this site and that’s totally understandable. Everyone’s palette is different. So if you disagree tell us about it in the review’s comment section. That’s what it’s there for! Don’t just take our word for how a cigar pairing tastes. Get out there and try it yourself and report back to us.

We created the site as a way to help others along the way to finding great pairings of cigars with spirits. Whether those spirits are bourbon, whiskey, scotch, rum, tequila, etc. We want to talk about all the different combinations and flavors these wonderful things bring together. We want to give you suggestions based on common characteristics found in each cigar and pair it with something we believe would really help it taste even better together.

We know we can’t cover every possible cigar or spirit, but we sure as hell can try!

So come hang out and talk cigars and spirits with us.

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