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Eric Scism - Stogies On the RocksHey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping in and checking out Stogies on The Rocks or SOTR for short. I just wanted to give everyone a little background on who’s actually writing the reviews on here so you can get to know us a little more.

I started smoking cigars about 6-7 years ago. I’ve always loved the smell and I used to always take them out on the golf course with me. However once I started actually sitting around and enjoying the cigar while sipping on some bourbon thats when the true passion started taking hold.

When I was growing up I always loved cooking, I loved trying to pair different things that I loved to see how they would taste together. Somethings were amazing, others were pretty terrible. Lets just say never try a Grape Jelly Cheese sandwich!

As I grew older I started experimenting with different spirits and what went well together. I’ve always loved whiskey, bourbon, and mountain dew. So one night I decided to mix my default whiskey Jack Daniels with some mountain dew. It was delicious! No one ever believes me until they try it and then 90% of the time they agree.

All of those exciting combinations is what led us to the idea of this website. I love trying new spirits, and I love trying new cigars. So we thought, why not pair the two together! That’s how we came up with the name Stogies on The Rocks. We hope you enjoy reading our experiences with our new combinations and keep coming back to check out what else we having going on!

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