Cigarsfor.Me – 5 Pack Giveaway


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We are partnering with CigarsFor.Me, a new online cigar shop that recommends you cigars based on your personal tastes. You just answer a few questions about your preferences and the site will show you cigars you are most likely to enjoy. The selection is rotating and deliberately narrow as each cigar is hand-picked. Grayson Ervin, the founder of CigarsFor.Me, has three 5-pack samplers to give away to our Stogies On The Rocks readers. The best part is that those 5-packs will be personalized according to your Tasting Profile.

To enter, simply complete your Tasting Profile and you’ll be automatically shown the Entry Code upon completion. If you have already completed your Tasting Profile you can get the entry code by logging into your CigarsFor.Me account and navigating over to the Cigars page.

Sorry, this giveaway is limited to U.S. Residents only.

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18 thoughts on “Cigarsfor.Me – 5 Pack Giveaway

  1. Tim Reeder

    Thanks for the giveaway Eric and Grayson!

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for the support Tim!

    2. CigarsForMe

      You’re very welcome Tim. Thanks for the support!

  2. JJ Jansky

    Thx for the chance to spread the word about a great site and jump into a great give away!

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks JJ for supporting us &!

    2. CigarsForMe

      Good to hear from you JJ. Thanks for the kind words and support! Good luck.

  3. Tim

    Thanks for the giveaway Cigars for me and Eric. Good luck everyone.

    1. Eric Scism

      It’s our pleasure! Good Luck!

  4. Brett

    Where do I enter my code once I have it?

    1. Eric Scism

      Brett, enter it above in the Rafflecopter widget. Let me know if you have any other issues

      1. James Mooney

        I’m having a problem with the Rafflecopter widget. Seems to not want to load. I’m using Chrome.

        1. Eric Scism

          Yeah we’ve had some issues w/ Rafflecopter, anytime there is a lot of traffic on the site it takes a while to load it.

      2. James Mooney

        OK. I tried it in Internet Explorer and it worked. How do I retrieve my code from the tasting profile?

        1. Eric Scism

          It should appear once you complete it. In case it still hasn’t appeared this code should work: 245SFD

  5. Michael

    Thanks for doing this!

    1. Eric Scism

      Our pleasure! Mainly thank Grayson for offering up the 5 Packs!

  6. CSR

    Very cool. Spot on with the Monte, not so much with the red dot. V series wish was on my list. Thank you for contest.

    1. Eric Scism

      Our pleasure! Thank you for participating.

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