October Pairing Series – Tatujae Little Monsters and Prichard’s Distillery


Why this Pairing?

Well it’s October, Halloween is this month. So I figured why not go through all these Little Monsters and review them this month. Then I had an even better idea. Since there are two of each in this set, why not review 1, then pair the other with some spirits! Brilliant idea right? Yeah I thought so.

This page will be where you can find all the reviews all in one place.

Tatuaje Little Monsters

Frank Jr

Lil Drac

Baby Face


Mini Mum


Prichard’s Distilled Spirits

Double Barrel Bourbon

Fine Rum

Peach Mango Rum

Tennessee Whiskey

Rye Whiskey



Frank Jr. & Double Barrel Bourbon

Lil Drac & Fine Rum

Baby Face Paired with Peach Mango Rum

Wolfie Paired with Tennessee Whiskey

Mini Mum & Rye Whiskey

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