1502 Ruby Lancero
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1502 Ruby Lancero


Initial Thoughts

As you can see, I am on a 1502 kick right now.  It might (just might) have something to do with the fact that they sent me a nice sampler and who am I to turn down great looking cigars?  I have included information about the company and releases in the previous reviews, so be sure to check those out as well.

As noted in those reviews, 1502 will release a new cigar, the Nicaragua, as well as new vitolas of their existing lines.  Currently, the Ruby comes in five vitolas: toro, torpedo, perfecto, robusto, and conquistador.  The lancero will be one of the latest additions to the line released sometime this year.

1502 Ruby Lancero - Barrel
1502 Ruby Lancero – Barrel

This came as a sample provided to me by 1502 Cigars.  The usual disclaimer: though I am grateful for the samples, 1502’s generosity will not play a part in how the cigar is evaluated.


Compared to the Black Gold I reviewed last, the 1502 Ruby Lancero looks a little more rugged.  It has a milk chocolate shade wrapper that has several prominent veins and visible seams.  It is box pressed like the other vitolas I’ve seen, but the edges seem a little more round than on some of the others.  The triple cap is flush and there are no tears or cracks in the wrapper.

1502 Ruby Lancero - Foot
1502 Ruby Lancero – Foot

Like the Black Gold, the foot has the loose wrapper pressed up against it, covering about half of the visible filler. I have learned since the last review that this is called a “cigar lock” and is intentional.  You learn something new everyday!

The band on the Ruby is very close to the color of a ruby, but a little deeper and with a hint of purple in it.  The standard gold print and design are used as well.  As the burn line approaches the band, it slides off very easily without damaging the wrapper.


Despite its semi-rugged appearance, the 1502 Ruby Lancero feels very smooth.  I squeeze it to check for soft spots but find none.  The resistance is perfect, slight give but firm at the same time.

1502 Ruby Lancero - 1st Third
1502 Ruby Lancero – 1st Third

The foot had nice aromas of earth, molasses, and hay.  The barrel smelled just like chocolate and pepper, which was very enticing.  The pre-light draw gave off a chocolate and hay flavor.

To cut the cap, I went with my trusty CRA cutter.  It made quick work of the cap.  One thing that was different on the 1502 Ruby Lancero was that the pre-light draw is very open.  This worries me a little since it has such a small ring gauge.  I hope it doesn’t burn too quickly!

1502 Ruby Lancero - 2nd Third
1502 Ruby Lancero – 2nd Third


It’s windy that night, so I go with my single flame torch to light the 1502 Ruby Lancero.  It lights up quickly and evenly.  Throughout the entire smoke, the burn stays even.  However, in addition to it being even, it is very fast!  The open draw plus the wind makes it disappear before my eyes.  I had to try very hard to make it last close to an hour.

1502 Ruby Lancero - 2nd Third
1502 Ruby Lancero – 2nd Third

I usually don’t expect much from the ash on a lancero.  It’s definitely not what I would pick to win a long ash contest!  This one does okay, with the first one last about ¾” before falling off.  The ash is dark, loose, and flaky for most of the cigar.  I did get a decent amount of ash on me, but I’m sure the wind didn’t help.


Now to my favorite and most crucial analysis: the flavor.  This is the first 1502 Ruby I’ve smoked so I have nothing to base this one on.  Knowing that each line is purposely blended to be distinguishable from the others, I certainly don’t want to compare it to the ones I have smoked.  Let’s see if this lancero can stand on its own!

1502 Ruby Lancero - Final Third
1502 Ruby Lancero – Final Third

From the beginning, I am greeted with cream and red pepper.  The two notes blend very well together with the pepper not getting too spicy.  Further into the first third, some hay and wood notes appear as well.  One thing of note is that the first third passes in less than 15 minutes due to the fast burn.

The second third is about the same as the first, with lots of creamy red pepper and some wood.  I am trying to slow down on taking pulls on the cigar, but it still burns rather quickly.

Not much to report in the final third.  The cream and red pepper continue with some wood to boot.  Near the end, some earth comes in as well.  I smoke it down to the nub, never getting any harshness.

1502 Ruby Lancero - Nub
1502 Ruby Lancero – Nub

The 1502 Ruby Lancero was medium in strength and flavor.  Due to the small ring gauge and the very open draw, smoke time was 50 minutes. Though not a very complex cigar, it was pretty tasty.  It definitely stands out from other cigars I’ve had recently, as most I’ve smoked don’t consist of  red pepper and cream.

Would I Buy It Again?

Most likely, though I think I would like to try some other vitolas first.  Also, I don’t know what the MSRP is.

Is It An Everyday Smoke?

Probably not.  It is not complex enough for me to want to smoke everyday.

Would I Buy a Box?

Not of this one.


1502 Ruby Lancero
1502 Ruby Lancero

The 1502 Ruby Lancero is not a very complex cigar, but has an interesting creamy red pepper flavor that was rather enjoyable.  I am definitely interested in trying other vitolas of the Ruby, but am not sure I am eager to smoke the lancero again anytime soon.  The draw was just too open, causing it to burn incredibly fast.  That’s not something that benefits a cigar that has a small ring gauge.  Hopefully, you will have a different experience.  I will say that it is worth trying at least once just to find out.

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