CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda
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CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda


Initial Thoughts

This CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda is a very interesting cigar. It’s the third release in CAO’s Amazon series behind the Basin and the Anaconda. There is also a lot going on with the blend and the specialized tobacco used in that blend. Charlie from Halfwheel has the insider scoop around the blend, per usual and here is what he has to say about it:

“This year, General Cigar Co. announced the second and third in a trilogy of CAO Amazon releases, the Fuma Em Corda. The name translates into smoke on a rope which is also the name of the fermenting process for the arapiraca tobacco from the Brazilian state of Alagoas. It is literally twisted into large ropes of tobacco, then fermented that way as opposed to how we’re more used to hearing it done in large piles, or pilones.” (link to the post)

CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda

So I was pretty excited to give this CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda a shot. I had it sitting in my humidor for a while and kept passing it over. So I finally sat down with it and started to explore. I feel like recently CAO has released some very tasty cigars. I’m hoping this exploration into new tobaccos is prosperous for them. I love to see how companies can innovate and leverage new flavors, blends, leaf etc to help create new products for us try. This CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda is no exception and I’m hoping the cigar behind the story is just as good as it sounds. So let’s dive in and see what we find out.

This cigar is built with a Honduran Corojo wrapper, Cameroon binder (which I think is very interesting), then Brazil, Honduran, & Nicaraguan filler. It comes in two sizes the Robusto (which I’m reviewing), and a Toro.


The design and look of this CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda is actual fairly simple. No big flashy band, just a simple piece of tobacco tied in a crossing pattern around the barrel of the cigar. Very simple design, my guess is that they put all of their effort into the blending and the actual tobacco in the cigar which I am totally ok with that! Let’s go ahead and dive into the smoke because there’s not much else to say about how it looks.

CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda


After I nipped the cap on this CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda I was able to get a fantastic cold draw through the barrel. The draft provided a great preview of the flavors to come. Throughout the entire smoke I was getting a perfect draw and tons of smoke. This cigar poured off smoke like a Liga Privada. So my entire coat had a nice hazy look to it, and I absolutely loved it. The wife didn’t appreciate it as much as I did though.

CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda

I was actually able to hold onto a nice long ash as well. It finally toppled over right around an inch and a half. Great burn, great smoke, and a great ash. This CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda was a delightful smoking experience.


Now, onto the flavor profile of this CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda! I’m really hoping for some interesting flavors since there are some new tobaccos in this cigar. The first thing I noticed while nosing the cigar was a the presence of sweet tobacco, followed by raisins and just a little bit of cocoa. I was on the fence on whether or not I was able to pick up a dark cherry note. I think it was there but it began to escape me a little while too.

CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda

Once I got the cigar up and running more flavors appeared. Specifically hints of licorice and black pepper. Definitely a dominant note of tobacco which is kind of strange I don’t usually pick that up. So I wonder if it was something to do with the fermentation technique that really exaggerates that flavor. It finished with a nice earthy cream note with a backing of leather.

Needless to say, there is a lot going on with this cigar. It hit a ton of different flavor notes. What I love about it though is that none of them were really overwhelming. They all played off each other very well.

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely. I’m a big fan of this cigar.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Probably not, the price point is a bit high for every day.

Would I Buy a Box?

I would, if I could find it for a deal. To me this cigar is very unique and I really enjoyed it but I’m not sure if it’s something that I go to over and over. I like the idea of picking up one or two every now and again.


CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda

This CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda is a great cigar. Very unique flavors across the board. I was actually blown away. I didn’t know what to expect and it over delivered on my expectations. I would highly recommend picking one up, or a whole box if you’re into that.

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