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Davidoff 6000 Robusto


Initial Thoughts

This Davidoff 6000 Robusto is the first of a few Davidoffs that I received for my birthday in May. I was given a box of the Robusto collection made by Davidoff. Personally, I’ve never smoked a Davidoff because I always find them out of my price range. However, when given a gift, you have to smoke it right? So looking into this blend a little bit more it’s hard to find actual information from Davidoff as a company. They give just a little sneak peak into each cigar without really giving too much info overall.

Davidoff 6000 Robusto - Barrel

I do know that this cigar is part of the Mille collection and according to Davidoff’s website the Mille collection: series redefines the timeless elegance of the Classic Blend. With slightly wider ring gauge formats, the Mille series affords the smoker a bolder experience.” So that leads me to wonder more about the Classic Blend, here is what they say about it: “When Zino Davidoff launched the Classic series in 1968, the cigar industry took notice. Davidoff’s Classic No. 1, No. 2 and Ambassadrice were the first cigars to bear the signature of the famous tobacco merchant Zino Davidoff. These blends are subtle with an exceptional aroma.”

So there ya go, you have just as much information as I do. From what I’ve read this Davidoff 6000 Robusto has an Ecuadorian-Connecticut Shadow Grown wrapper, with Dominican Seco Binder, Dominican Seco & Ligero fillers. I’m expecting it to be a fairly mild cigar, so let’s dive into it and see what we’ve got!


The band on the Davidoff 6000 Robusto is very simple. It’s rather elegant though. I know they’re doing for simple and elegance with their style and that’s exactly what they got. The band is completely white except for the Davidoff name being in gold font. There is also a gold oval of beads that circle the logo. On the side flap of the band you can see the number 6000. However, that’s all you see. Very simple and to the point. The band reminds me of what the ancient Greeks might smoke. So often those times are depicted wearing white togas with gold draped on them. This seems to fit in perfectly with that ideal.

Davidoff 6000 Robusto

The wrapper on the cigar is gorgeous, it’s a lighter shade that most of the cigars that I’ve been smoking as of late. It’s a beautiful milk chocolate looking color though. Quite a few pronounced dark veins run through up and down the barrel. You can also see the seams from where the wrapper was rolled. Overall a very elegant looking cigar indeed.

Davidoff 6000 Robusto - Band


A quick glance at the foot of the cigar shows very thin leaves in the filler. That is the majority of that Dominican Seco that I mentioned earlier. It looks well packed but it should allow great air flow. I pinched the cigar up and down the barrel searching for any soft spots in the filler and I couldn’t find any. It’s not incredibly firm, it does give a little bit of bounce back which I also enjoy seeing.

Davidoff 6000 Robusto - Foot

Nipping the cap I tested the dry draw which was perfect. Lots of air coming through with a slight resistance. I think we’re ready to put some fire to this Davidoff 6000 Robusto.


Right off the bat this cigar lights up and burning perfectly. I’m able to hold the first ash well over an inch. It’s a nice solid white-gray ash with some deep burn lines in it. The second third continues burning the same. I didn’t take too many notes on the smoking experience. Probably because it was going exactly how it needed to and there were zero issues to report on. All the way through the final third and the nub I continued to easily hold 1″ ashes. Basically, this cigar burned and drew perfectly. It’s how every cigar should smoke in my opinion. However, did the flavor stand up to how well this cigar smoked. That’s always the question that separates a good cigar from a great one.

Davidoff 6000 Robusto - 1st Third


On the foot during the pre light inspection the first thing I picked up on was lots of hay, and quite a bit of spice. There was also a slight peppery note to the Davidoff 6000 Robusto. The first third brought a nice nutty flavor on the tongue and produced a solid black pepper note on the retrohale. Nothing overpowering, but it was quite enjoyable. The second third was nice and smooth with that spice still hanging around and a mellow nutty overtone to the entire profile. The final third stayed consistent with the second third. Overall a fairly mild and complex cigar. The flavors flowed in and out of one another and all worked very well together. I would definitely put this cigar in the mild-medium range of strength. That little bit of ligero leaf in there gives it a nice punch.

Davidoff 6000 Robusto - 2nd Third

Would I Buy It Again?

Ehh probably not, at $15 a stick I would probably go with something else. It is a great cigar, I’m just not sure I want to pay $15 each time I smoke it.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Certainly not for me.

Would I Buy a Box?

Potentially, if you can find them on a deal where they cost about $10 / stick then I’d say it’s worth it.


Davidoff 6000 Robusto - Nub

Overall, I really enjoyed this Davidoff 6000 Robusto. It’s a great smoke, great flavors, but for me it’s just out of my price range to buy consistently. I think getting a hold of this Davidoff Robusto Collection though is a great way to sample their smokes for a decent price. So if you’ve been curious about Davidoff this might be perfect for you to try.

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