Elogio Serie LSV
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Elogio Serie LSV


Initial Thoughts

On Elogio’s website, they state that they only use select long filler Nicaraguan tobacco grown exclusively in Candega and Jalapa. This gets my engines going; there’s nothing I like more than a bold, Nicaraguan taste! The site also talks about this specific Serie LSV wrapper, which is grown on a small farm in Somoto by Carlos and his uncle, Armando.

Elogio Serie LSV
Elogio Serie LSV

The more I learned about this cigar, the more eager I was to try it out. So…let’s do just that!


The wrapper on this Elogio Serie LSV is a beautiful, dark brown with a very oily sheen, even to the touch. I noticed two good-sized veins and a few soft spots as well. At the foot of the cigar, there were a few small chips in the wrapper.

Elogio Serie LSV - Foot
Elogio Serie LSV – Foot

The band on this cigar was gold in color and in the center, written in a cursive writing was the brand name, ‘Elogio,’ followed underneath by ‘Hand Made In Nicaragua.’ There were also red and green accent colors on the band.


The oily wrapper intrigued me and I was anxious to get my nose on it to see what aromas it presented. After taking a few smells, the wrapper gave off an oily leather smell with some earth and tobacco. On the foot, there was a strong sawdust smell.

Using my vintage cutter, it clipped perfectly and the cold draw was packed medium. I got a sweet maple and soil taste; there was no spice on the cold draw.


After toasting the foot some with my torch lighter, I placed in my mouth (that’s what she said) and took in several draws to get this thing warmed up. The stick immediately produced a large amount of blue/gray smoke that was palpably creamy in my mouth.

Elogio Serie LSV - 1st Third
Elogio Serie LSV – 1st Third

The ash was tight and snow white; very pretty. From the first third to the end of the second third, the ash only held on for about a ½ inch and then dropped. In the first third and again in the second, I noticed some pretty significant tunneling down the center of the ash but it didn’t affect the burn or the flavor at all. I also noticed a few cracks in the wrapper show up and follow one of the veins in the cigar.

Elogio Serie LSV - Nice Ash
Elogio Serie LSV – Nice Ash

As for the actual smoke, there was a light ammonia and earthy smell to it.


Despite the tunneling and the cracks in the wrapper, I really enjoyed the flavor this Elogio Serie LSV produced. Immediately after lighting, it was very earthy accompanied by a strong floral aftertaste.

About halfway through the first third, some spice showed up in the retrohale. It was very complex and balanced flavor. Speaking of a balanced flavor, on a whim I decided to pour some Bacardi Gold rum to have with this cigar. It wasn’t intentional but it ended up being a very nice compliment to the flavors of the cigar.

Elogio Serie LSV - Tunneling
Elogio Serie LSV – Tunneling

Towards the end of the first third the overall flavor started to mellow some. It started out a strong medium and then dipped to a mild-medium.

In the second third there were even more floral notes and a little spice on my tongue. Not too much change in the mild-medium flavor. The strength at this point was a solid medium to medium-full.

Into the final third, I was surprised that the flavor was lingering still due to this cigar’s tobacco being from Nicaragua. However, the flavor it gave off was really enjoyable. About halfway into the final third, the spice came back and the entire stick was giving off a strong flavor.

Elogio Serie LSV - Final Third
Elogio Serie LSV – Final Third

At this point in the cigar I was at the nub and the flavor just kept getting better and better; lots of floral and then a sweetness/molasses taste introduced itself at the halfway point of the nub. I didn’t want to put this thing down; not only was the flavor incredible, the nub wasn’t hot at all and the burn was still even.

Is It An Every Day Smoke?

If it was readily available, I could smoke this cigar everyday.

Would I Buy A Box?

Yes I would.


Despite the few construction flaws in the Elogio Serie LSV, I really enjoyed the flavor and liked how it changed throughout the different thirds and into the nub. If the flavor (and sometimes the burn) isn’t affected by a flaw in construction, I’m still gonna enjoy a cigar and give it a good rating.

Elogio Serie LSV - Nub
Elogio Serie LSV – Nub

I smoked this guy down way more than I normally do. I just couldn’t get enough of the great flavor it produced. If you haven’t already tried this cigar, I recommend it, especially in the morning or early afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Elogio Serie LSV

  1. Isaac LaFond

    Flavor always trumps! Like the cutter as well.

  2. nashdrifter

    These are wonderfu cigars. Very reminiscent of one of my favorites,Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970.I have purchased 2 boxes so far and haven’t found a bad one yet!

    1. Eric Scism

      They are fantastic sticks! We have a few of the figurado shaped ones, can’t remember the blend currently, but I’ve waiting to tear into those!

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