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Emilio Mia Dora Toro



Emilio is all over the place, with several highly touted releases and distributing a number of the latest and greatest releases. Personally, I am a fan of most of what they have to offer. Needless to say, I was excited to see the Mia Dora Toro in the last shipment I received from good ol Siz (he treat me good!). It is one I heard about but mostly forgot due to having not really seen much about it since last year.

Emilio Mia Dora Toro - Barrel

This is another collaboration with AJ Fernandez. This particular cigar is dedicated to the love of Gary Griffith’s life, Dora. The band and box are made up of colors and themes from the flag of her ancestor’s birth city, Ascoli Picino, Italy. There is a more detailed story in the press release.

The cigar features a Habano Rosado wrapper with Nicaraguan filler. It comes in four vitolas: robusto, toro, torpedo, and corona. It was supposed to be released in 2013 but postponed until this year. I am still not certain if it is available at retailers yet as I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere.

Maybe someone from Emilio can chime in on the comments.


There is nothing special to report on the appearance of the Mia Dora. It has a natural brown wrapper with lots of veins and smooth seams. It appears to be well packed.

Emilio Mia Dora Toro - Foot

Like other Emilio cigars, I am not too impressed with the band on this cigar. It is red and yellow with silver print and a castle on the front. There are several other words printed on there, referring to Ascoli Picino. The front part is in the shape of a shield. While all this may sound nice, it looks pretty cheap. But, I highly doubt that the band will interfere with how it smokes and tastes, so what do I care? I just hope it doesn’t hinder sales in any way.


The Mia Dora feels pretty firm with some give. There is a little soft section near the cap. The wrapper feels pretty silky.

On the foot, I pick up some raisin and molasses. The barrel is a faint cocoa and earth aroma.

Emilio Mia Dora Toro 2nd Third

I clip the cap and give her a draw. The airflow is really good. I detect some maple, nutmeg and earth on the draw. Things are looking good!


Spoiler alert: the Mia Dora performed really well in this category.

Did it light and burn evenly? Yes. It did not require any touch-ups or relights.

How was the draw? Excellent; there was plenty of smoke on each draw.

Good ash? Oh yeah! It was mostly white and gray and held on for at least an inch at a time.

Need I say more?

Emilio Mia Dora Toro - 1st Third


I am ready to get into the flavor section of the Emilio Mia Dora. It has performed well so far, excluding the band.

The first third starts out with some nice baking spice, like nutmeg and some cinnamon. White pepper quickly kicks in along with some wood. It doesn’t take long for this thing to get pretty damn spicy. It definitely stays with you on the finish and is almost overwhelming on the retrohale. A touch of caramel comes in near the transition point.

The second third continues with the same combination of notes. The caramel becomes more defined, but never becomes dominant. It would be really hard to compete with the combination of spices that are coating my palate.

In the final third, the spice starts to die down a bit. Some nut flavor develops as well. As the spice continues to subside, there is some nice savory flavor that builds. Near the end, the spice is all but gone, leaving mostly wood for the last few puffs.

The Emilio Mia Dora Toro was medium-full in flavor and medium in strength. It features three different fragrant spices that work really well together. There are enough other notes to make this a very interesting cigar. Smoke time was just under two hours.

Emilio Mia Dora Toro - 2nd Third

Would I Buy It Again?


Is It An Everyday Smoke?

It could be depending on price.

Would I Buy a Box?

Yes, especially of coronas.


Emilio Mia Dora Toro - Nub

To me, this is another quality product from Emilio. Of course, it is hard to go wrong with a maker like AJ Fernandez. The Mia Dora was really spicy, which I like, but not in a harsh, peppery way.

Again, it was like sampling some baking spices, with a touch of sweetness, wood, nuts, and savoriness to add to the character. To boot, the construction was excellent and it lasted for as long as I wanted it to. This is a definite winner in my book!

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5 thoughts on “Emilio Mia Dora Toro

  1. Charlie

    The bands on Emilio cigars are always tacky/ugly but the cigars are very tasty!

  2. Cigar Inspector

    Get past the cheesy band and it’s a pretty awesome cigar.

    By the way, I love your “check out these similar cigars” links with the nice pictures. Makes it really easy to find stuff. I can get lost for a long time jumping from review to review =D

    1. Eric Scism

      Haha thanks Denis! That’s the purpose of them. Glad they worked for you. Also, love your new tasting sheet! I was working on something like that myself. You had to go and get it done first, dang it.

      1. Cigar Inspector

        Thanks for your kind words, had a lot of nice comments about the sheet. So the similar cigars are automated? Pretty awesome if they are. I’ve tried numerous “related posts” plugins but never found a really good one.

        1. Eric Scism

          Yeah it’s all custom coded using data we input on the backend. We’ve created an algorithm that combines the data and scores them and ranks based on similarities. Still tweaking it though.

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