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Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada



Ezra Zion is one of the recent boutique brands that I consistently hear or read good things about. Though I have wanted to try some, I hesitated due to lack of availability in local shops and the often-high price tag (usually $10+). Let’s face it; I am a bit of a tight wad!

Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada - Barrel

The Tantrum PA (which stands for Passive Aggressive) is a limited edition cigar. It follows the release of the Tantrum, which was a smaller vitola, a Prensado Pequeño 4×44. I saw differing information on the number of boxes produced, but it looks like they released 700 boxes of 28. It is only offered in one vitola, a 6.5×44 box-pressed lonsdale. Retail price is $9.95, but I did find them online for $7.95 on at least one site.


The Ezra Zion Tantrum PA is not a menacing cigar at all. It sports a milk chocolate shade wrapper with no or completely pressed veins and smooth seams. The box press has slightly rounded edges. The foot appears to be a bit loosely packed, but the rest of the barrel looks firm.

Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada - 1st Third

There are two bands, at the shoulder and foot. The top band is mostly silver and light gray with charcoal and black background. The foot band has the same color scheme and has Tantrum EL on it. Both combine for a shiny, classy look.


The Ezra Zion Tantrum PA felt pretty firm through the barrel except for around the foot, where it has more give. The wrapper feels very smooth. No bumps of soft spots, other than the foot area.

Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada - 2nd Third

The foot has aromas of grass, earth, cocoa and molasses. The barrel is cocoa, earth and pepper. I clip the cap and check the draw. It is wonderful! I pick up the grass, earth and molasses I smelled on the foot.


The Ezra Zion Tantrum PA has a slightly loose foot and nice airflow, so lighting it should be easy. I am able to light it up quickly and evenly. The draw is on the verge of being a bit too open, but settles down to perfect a little ways in. Likewise, the burn starts out fast, but it also slows down, coinciding with the tightening of the draw.

Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada - Final Third

The ash is quite loose on this stick. It is mostly dark gray and flaky. I tap it off around the ¾” mark because I am certain it is going to fall on me otherwise. It taps off with no effort. For the rest of the smoke, I am mindful to tap it every ½” or so to avoid disaster.


After reading about the original Tantrum, I am excited to try the Tantrum PA. Considering it is also a Lonsdale-ish vitola (my usual favorite), I expect it to be an enjoyable experience. Let’s see if it measures up.

The Tantrum PA starts out with a blast of black pepper, earth and wood. Soon after, I pick up some caramel, nuts and a slight clove flavor. It creates a nice mix of earth and fragrant flavors. As I near the next third, the fragrant spices increase along with the earth notes.

The next third continues with the same mix of flavors. The caramel never gets beyond a faint undertone, but does help balance the spice out some. The clove note I got in the beginning has now become more akin to nutmeg, which I do prefer.

The final third sticks with the spicy, woody and earthy theme. Now some of the sweetness starts to shine alongside some salt that has developed. The baking spices are dying down as the wood and earth lead me to the finish line.

The Ezra Zion Tantrum PA was medium-full in both flavor and strength. It had a nice mix of earthy and baking spices that kept it interesting. Once the burn slowed down and the draw tightened a hair, it was a very enjoyable smoke. Smoke time was around 1 hour 15 minutes.

Would I Buy It Again?


Is It An Everyday Smoke?

I would say so.

Would I Buy a Box?

Maybe, but definitely a 5 or 10 pack


Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada - Nub

I now see why people speak fondly of Ezra Zion cigars. If the other lines are anything like the Tantrum PA, then I will make more of an effort to pick some up this year. Honestly, the only things that have kept me from doing so have been availability and price. I do believe this one is worth the price, especially if you can get it at around $8.

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4 thoughts on “Ezra Zion Tantrum PA Edicion Limitada

  1. Cigar Inspector

    Sounds like a nice smoke. Good thing the draw opened up and the burn slowed down. Have you tried any more of these and confirmed that’s the case for the rest?

    1. Eric Scism

      Hey Denis, haven’t smoked a ton of them, so it could just be an issue of one. Not 100% sure.

  2. Forrest

    I just had an Ezra Zion FHK a couple days ago and my conclusion was exactly the same as yours, now I understand why people love Ezra Zion so much, and I can’t wait to smoke the rest of their lines.

    Thanks for the great review, the tantrum pa is next on my list now.

    1. Eric Scism

      Nice man! Glad you liked it! Be sure to check back in and let us know what you think of the PA!

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