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Initial Thoughts

As I mentioned in the specs, there are five different tobaccos, which make up this blend but it’s somewhat of a secret. I was intrigued to try this, knowing that I wouldn’t know exactly where the flavors came from.

As Michael Giannini stated, the Foundry cigars are ‘like enjoying a meal from a different ethnic culture that you’ve never tried before.’

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - Barrel
Foundry No.2 Lovelace – Barrel

Ok, so this stick is supposed to be different. I accepted and was anxious to try. After all, I certainly don’t know everything about cigars (who does??) and am always looking to try new things and add to my experience and palate.


This Foundry cigar looks mean and girthy and meaty! It was heavy to hold (that’s what she said) and packed tight. It reminded me of the RAM Truck commercials you see…built strong…will carry your load….etc. This thing is a hoss!

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - Burn
Foundry No.2 Lovelace – Burn

I found no soft spots and no veins but again, this cigar was packed solid!

As most of you know, the band of this cigar is also joined by a metal (bronze?) looking gear. I’ve been told that the gears will come into play later (so don’t throw them away) but I don’t know what for.

The band reminded me of a watercolor print. It looked very industrial and was black, white, gray and a little purple in flavor. On the band were the names, ‘Wells, Lovelace, Talbot and Cayley.’ Now, these are all the different sizes of the cigars Foundry has. It made me wonder if these names were the names of the children of the owners?


This Foundry No.2 Lovelace felt like a hefty candy bar in my hand. The wrapper was a light brown in color and after smelling it, I got a sweet tobacco and cinnamon flavor. On the foot there was a fresh hay and cedar smell.

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - Foot
Foundry No.2 Lovelace – Foot

I used my Coppola scissor clips and my Lotus three flame lighter for this guy. After toasting the foot, the cigar took the flame quite well and I was immediately met with a heavy soil and grass flavor.


This Foundry smoked quite well. The burn was relatively even and the ash held white and tight all the way through the first third and halfway into the second.

After the ash dropped initially, the burn was a little uneven but remained strong into the final third.

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - 1st Third
Foundry No.2 Lovelace – 1st Third

As far as the actual smoke, there was a light amount of white smoke and it smelled like sweet lemon, which was also consistent in the overall flavor of this cigar.

After I got into the nub, the remaining wrapper started to crack a bit and it started affecting the flavor.


Again, right after I lit this Foundry No.2 Lovelace up I got a heavy soil and grass flavor. Quickly after the ash started to whiten, that taste was accompanied by a sweet honey and lemongrass flavor. It was truly unique and something that I haven’t experienced before in a cigar.

Further into the first third, I got a sweetness on my tongue like syrup. In the retrohale, there wasn’t any spice, but rather a sawdust taste mixed with grass and soil.

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - Great Ash
Foundry No.2 Lovelace – Great Ash

Throughout the entire cigar there was a very earthy flavor. Lots of lemon and honeysuckle as well. It honestly made me think of spring. And, immediately it made me think of what beverage these flavors made me think of. Well, (as a nod to you folks in the north and the Midwest), it made me think of Leinenkugal’s beer…the Summer Shandy. There’s a lemon twist with that beer and I honestly feel that this cigar would compliment that beer very well.

Into the second third, the flavor got even sweeter and reminded me of lemon glazed sugar cookies my Grandmother used to make.

This cigar was quite consistent in flavor; no change from third to third.

Ever present was the earthy and grassy taste accompanied by that sweet and lemon flavor and a sawdust and honeysuckle finish. Again, it was very unique.

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - Final Third
Foundry No.2 Lovelace – Final Third

No.2 Lovelace

Is It An Every Day Smoke?

I don’t think I’d smoke this cigar every day.

Would I Buy A Box?

Probably not, but if someone had a box and I was at their place, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up and light up.


I liked this Foundry No. 4 mainly because it was so different from others I’ve had lately. Not only the mysterious blend make-up, but the flavors that came through were quite  unique. I enjoyed the sweetness and the lemon taste as well.

Foundry No.2 Lovelace - Nub
Foundry No.2 Lovelace’ – Nub

This was a heavy packed cigar but was deceiving in that it only exuded a medium body and a mild-medium flavor.

I’d recommend at least trying this cigar. And, as the months continue to get warmer, try and find a Summer Shandy to pair with this stick. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “Foundry

  1. 007MI6

    I’m in the small group that love this cigar. They aren’t for everyone, but I would love a box! Nice review man!

    1. Eric Scism

      It’s a very interesting flavor for sure! I know it’s not the typical flavors from a cigar, but what’s wrong w/ innovation?

  2. Jason Boche

    Thank you for the review. I had my first yesterday afternoon and found it a very smooth smoke. I really liked it and will certainly buy more. Somehow the gear was found in my 7 year old’s bedroom this morning and she gave it to me. I’ll hold on to it.

    1. Eric Scism

      Haha that’s too funny! Well I’m glad you enjoyed it. They’ve actually been hard to come by lately around here.

  3. Erik

    One of the best cigars I’ve had recently….just picked up a box too! Can’t wait for more from these guys.

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