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Las Calaveras 2015


Initial Thoughts

It’s time for the next limited edition from the fellas over at Crowned Heads. This time it’s the Las Calaveras 2015 edition! After the enormous success from last year’s release everyone knew that the 2015 release was going to be flying off of the shelves. Sure enough as soon as they announced they were taking orders they were sold out to retailers in less than a day. It actually was probably hours, but I couldn’t find the exact tweet that Mr. Huber sent out.

Las Calaveras 2015 - Band

In case you missed it last year, the Las Calaveras is a tribute to anyone that you’ve lost in the last year. It’s a nice memorial smoke to have in place and sit back and think about lost loved ones. The exciting thing about this cigar is that it’s completely different from last year according to Huber. This year’s wrapper is a Ecuador Habano Rosado with both Nicaraguan filler & binder. The shapes are LC46 (one I’m reviewing), LC50 (also smoked) and the LC52. Let’s dive right in and see what’s going on with this Las Calaveras 2015!


For this review I smoked both the LC46 & the LC50. They both look great, all of the pictures are of the LC46 though. The packaging is exactly the same. The band has stayed fairly consistent with the 2014 release. The main difference is the background color. For this 2015 it has a cream colored background which I really like.

Las Calaveras 2015 - Barrel

To me one of the coolest parts of the band are the initials included in the medallions. Each set of initials I assume is for someone lost in the last year that was close to the crew at Crowned Heads. This information hasn’t been released (that I know of), and I doubt it ever will be.

The Ecuador Habano Rosado wrapper looks fantastic on this cigar. Nice and dark brown no seams that I can find. Just silky and smooth and ready to burn!


I used my trusty Xikar Xi cutter for the LC 46 and my Xikar Punch for the LC50. Both cigars had fantastic draws they burned flawlessly throughout. I was easily holding an inch and half ash the entire time. I always knocked it loose before it had a chance to fall on me though. The burn was incredibly even. I personally thought that the LC50 was the better smoking version of the cigar. It burned a little cooler and was overall more pleasurable.

Las Calaveras 2015 - Foot

I’m usually a Corona Gorda fan, but this Robusto really hit the right spot for me. So I was happy to see both sizes available. I’m not usually a fan of toros, so I stayed away from that size. I have no doubt that size would smoke well though. It seems that everything coming out of the My Father factories is smoking well these days.


As I eluded to above, well outright said. Both the LC50 & LC46 smoked effortlessly. The draw was fantastic and the smoke poured right out. They made for an enjoyable smoke. Personally, I enjoyed the LC50 just a bit more. I should probably think about only smoking Robustos from now on, I guess? That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but maybe then again it does. Let’s get onto the most important part of this review, the flavors!

Las Calaveras 2015 - 1st Third


Well if there is one thing that this Las Calaveras 2015 has, it’s spice! Right out of the gate I picked up a good dose of spice. To me it was very peppery, more akin to red pepper and spice instead of black pepper which I’ve noticed in a lot of My Father cigars. The next note I got was predominantly earthy and coffee notes. Some big coffee notes in fact. I noticed that when I let the retrohale slowly roll out of my nasal cavities it reminded me of a nice cup of my morning crack. There was also a subtle chocolate undertone that I picked up in the LC50 that I didn’t notice in the LC46. It was a nice palate softener. That smooth chocolate note gave a nice balance to the spice. Also, if you search deep enough I picked up a solid char and oaky note in there. When I paired the 2nd LC46 with bourbon that oaky note was even more apparent. At this point I think we’ve hit nearly every flavor on the wheel!


Par for the course again for the guys from Nashville. A great balanced cigar that is unique to everything else in their portfolio.

Las Calaveras 2015 - 2nd Third

Would I Buy It Again?

I would definitely buy the LC50 again, it was my favorite over the LC46.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

It can’t really be an every day smoke since it’s a Limited Edition. But if it was regular production I still don’t think I would smoke it everyday, but definitely once a week!

Would I Buy a Box?

Without a doubt!


Las Calaveras 2015 - Nub

The first thing everyone is going to ask is how does it compare to the 2014. You have to remember that this cigar is completely different, it’s the same ‘brand’, but it’s a different cigar and therefore you have to judge it on it’s own merit. I definitely enjoyed this cigar and I would go back to the LC50 over and over again. So, if you like spice and some nice rich earthy coffee notes then by all means tee this one up and smoke it! But if you really loved the 2014 edition don’t come into smoking this cigar thinking it’s going to be the same. Judge it for it’s own and then see what you think! Because, I think it’s a fantastic cigar!

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9 thoughts on “Las Calaveras 2015

  1. Miguel Rocha

    Great review! Sounds like a winner!

    1. Eric Scism

      Miquel, it was a tasty cigar that’s for sure! Have you tried one yet?

      1. Miguel Rocha

        No not yet but I have a 5er on standby. I will let you know my thoughts once I’ve smoked a couple!

        1. Eric Scism

          Looking forward to it!

  2. charlie

    I picked up a 5 pack of the LC46 (plan on letting them rest a month) and was glad they made a smaller vitola this year. I wasn’t a huge fan of the 2014 so I was excited to hear they changed the blend. Great review, now I want to light one of mine up asap!

    1. Eric Scism

      If you weren’t a fan of the LC2014 better not pick up the new La Imperiosa then it’s the same blend 🙂

    2. William Burke

      Really? Not many cigars match up favorably alongside the LC 2014. It was never the heavyweight champion, but it was always a top ranking contender, and always went the distance, and retired with few defeats!

      AH. I miss heavyweight boxing. It died for lack of powerful personalities, and MMA holds zero interest for me.

  3. Peter Brown

    The body and strength really worked with the flavors delivered and that added to the overall enjoyment.

  4. Cigar Inspector

    Great cigar; I missed this review somehow. Been a while since you posted. I miss your reviews!

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