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Mason Dixon Project – Southern Edition


Initial Thoughts

You might remember that recently we reviewed the Mason Dixon Project Northern Edition. In that review we talked all about the backstory of this limited edition line. It’s a great story so please go check it out. I don’t want to rehash everything here, but I am going to talk a little bit about this cigar and it’s make up.

Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition - Band

As I said in the previous review the biggest difference between these two cigars is the wrapper. The Northern Edition has a Connecticut Broadleaf giving it that nice thick rugged texture to it. Where as this Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition uses a bit softer Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The filler and binder are both Nicaraguan just like the Northern, and it’s the same size. So there ya go, pretty much the same cigar just a different wrapper!


This Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper has a bit of a different look and feel compared to it’s Broadleaf counterpart. This wrapper has a light brown silk sheen to it. It looks very elastic and I think it has been stretched to its max. The band on this Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition offers similarities as well. It’s essentially the reverse of the Northern. The background is black with gold trim. To me it pops out a bit more than the Northern, but overall is still very subtle, unlike the EPC La Historia.

Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition - Head


Rolling this cigar up and down my fingers I’m not able to find any soft spots in the tobacco. It appears well packed and has a nice bit of bounce back. Great construction as per usual from the My Father factories. Breaking out my trusty Xikar Xi cutter I gave a quick snip to the cap and tested the dry draw. This Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition pulls perfectly down the barrel. Nothing hinders it and I’m already able to pick up some great flavors.

Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition - Foot


I start putting a flame to the cigar from my Stratosphere lighter and away we go. Overall the burn is very good. I was able to hold the first ash for just over an inch. Luckily made it to the ash tray before something disastrous happened. I did notice the wrapper getting a bit wavy at some points. I never really touched it up. I just let the cigar correct itself and it did a great job. Nothing to complain about here. Now let’s jump into the flavors.

Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition - 2nd Third


On the pre light this Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition was very sweet on the tongue with a nice little kick on the backside of my mouth. The aroma of the barrel is very sweet and lots of other notes popping out that I can’t quite pinpoint.

The first third brings out a nice rich savory note similar to hickory or bark. It’s very rich and thick with that flavor. Not much spice kicking around right now just a hearty note that is filling my palate. The 2nd third begins to build some strength to it. The spice has been fairly subdued. Still that rich hearty note is overwhelming everything right now. The final third offers a bit of a change with some toasted bread notes, and quite a bit of creamy flavor as well.

Now I for one have never roasted nougat, I’m not even sure that’s possible, how would you even do it? I would possibly start by holding a 3 Musketeers bar over a fire and melting the chocolate off. Then condense the nougat and rotate it over the fire to get a nice toasty appearance to it, similar to a marshmallow. That’s what I imagine this flavor to be. Makes sense doesn’t it? Toasted / Roasted Nougat. There ya go, trademark it.

Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition - Nub

Would I Buy It Again?


Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Probably not for me, just b/c it’s a Limited Edition cigar.

Would I Buy a Box?

Um yeah, and you should too. Limited Editions are always worth box consideration!


Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition - Featured

I go back and forth on which cigar I preferred, the North or the South. I’m a huge fan of Broadleaf so I want to lean towards the North. However, this Ecuadorian Connecticut brought out some incredible flavors. So I don’t think I can pick a side. I’m just going to say I really enjoyed this cigar and all the flavor that it brought. If you get a chance and can still find some. Go out and pick up a couple of these Mason Dixon Project Southern Edition and see if you can taste the roasted nougat as well and let us know what you think below!

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