Nomad Renegade
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Nomad Renegade


Initial Thoughts

I’ve been smoking some ‘newer’ cigars lately, meaning, sticks that have been made by companies that are relatively new to the industry. Not all of them have been great so I’ll admit I was hoping this Nomad Renegade would be something different,
especially since I’ve heard good things.

The night I smoked this cigar was a beautiful night in Nashville. 75 degrees out and I’d just gotten done doing some work outside in the yard so what better way to relax and survey my work than to light up this Renegade and let it talk to me? Exactly.


At first glace, this cigar was very pretty. The Ecuadoran Habano wrapper glistened and had a very nice and oily sheen in the light. In color, the wrapper reminded me of straight up leather. It was a beautiful brown hue.

The band on this cigar immediately made me think of Batman or Iron Man. It was black, red and silver in color and had a Phoenix along with what appeared to be a small compass in the middle of it.

Nomad Renegade - First Third
Nomad Renegade – First Third

In small letters on the opposite side of the ‘Nomad’ branding was (what I believe to be) Mr. Rewey’s Twitter handle, ‘@GODFADR.’ I loved it! And then I said to myself, ‘Fuggeddabouddit. Let’s get to smokin!’


Ok, so let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of this Nomad Renegade. There were no soft spots but a couple significant veins that ran lengthwise from foot to head (that’s what she said).

After smelling the wrapper up and down I got a light grass smell along with leather. On the foot there was a hay scent with a little bit of spice.

I used my Coppola scissor clippers on this guy and was greeted with a nice, medium cold draw that tasted like musty or damp hay.


Using my Lotus 3 torch lighter, I toasted the foot of this Nomad Renegade and got a medium amount of white-gray smoke. It stayed this way throughout.

Immediately after taking the first few puffs and very early into the 1st third, the cigar started to canoe a little but then quickly evened itself out.

Nomad Renegade - Nice Ash
Nomad Renegade – Nice Ash

The ash produced a very tight, white ash and it held strong through the 1 st third and didn’t decide to drop until halfway into the 2nd third.

The actual smoke made me think of freshly cut hay. I wanted to keep smelling it.

Overall, the burn on this cigar was excellent. As soon as the early canoeing evened itself out, it was even and slow burning.

Nomad Renegade - Long Ash
Nomad Renegade – Long Ash


When I took the first few puffs on this Nomad Renegade, I noticed a very earthy taste. It was heavy (in a good way) and a very nice spice accompanied the earthiness on the retrohale. There was also some fresh leather.

Through the 1st third, the flavor was excellent and very well balanced. I was pleasantly surprised at how great the taste was.

Nomad Renegade - 2nd Third
Nomad Renegade – 2nd Third

I would call this cigar medium-full in flavor and medium bodied. It was extremely balanced in flavor and it kept getting better as the burn went on.

At the end of the 2nd third, I wrote this in my notes: ‘Incredible flavor…spice in retrohale amazing!’ That was my experience throughout this entire cigar.

The flavor started to change ever-so-slightly into the final third. I noticed an anise flavor and then the retrohale went from spicy to tasting like lemongrass. It was really cool.

Nomad Renegade - Nub
Nomad Renegade – Nub

Overall, the flavor was smooth, consistent and very creamy.

Is It An Every Day Smoke?

Yes, I could easily smoke this cigar every day.

Would I Buy A Box?

Without a doubt.


I very much enjoyed this cigar. After not having had time to smoke much lately, this was a great introduction back into the mix.

You can purchase these Nomad Renegades (and everything else from the Nomad arsenal) through their website  as well as some brick and mortars around the country. I’d definitely recommend this cigar to any novice or aficionado. The burn was near perfect and the flavor was excellent. A very well constructed cigar.

Nomad Renegade
Nomad Renegade

I’m excited to try the other sizes in the Nomad line. I may just have to buy a box to have some on hand for when I get in a Nomadic mood and want my mind to drift with the smoke coming off the foot.

Well done, Mr. Rewey!

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5 thoughts on “Nomad Renegade

  1. ObiWanKenobi

    Entertaining review. I read a review for this same stick elsewhere and it drew raves there. My local B&M doesn’t carry much in the way of the boutiques and I have only found one source for these on the Internet machine. May just have to break down…
    I enjoy reading the reviews here. Keep it up.

    1. Eric Scism

      Thank you sir! I’m glad you were entertained by our review. Thanks for heads up about their store. I guess they recently took that down. We’ll have to do some investigating to see what’s going on.

  2. Nomad Cigar Company

    We got a bit too big (too fast) to keep selling directly. Good problem to have. On the plus side we are adding retailers every week! Here is the map

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for updating us about it Godfadr!

      1. Nomad Cigar Company

        Yea, just 4 months too late 🙂

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