Punch Rare Corojo
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Punch Rare Corojo


Initial Thoughts

The last time I was at my local B&M (UPtowns Smoke Shop) I decided I needed to pick up some more classic brands of cigars. That’s what led me to the AF Anejo, and this Punch Rare Corojo. I wanted to smoke some of these ‘classic’ brands that have been around forever. The brand name of Punch cigars has been around forever. Originally a Cuban brand, now Punch is both a Cuban brand and a Honduran brand of cigars. The Cuban line is owned by Habanos S.A. and the Honduran line by General Cigar company.

This particular cigar was suggested to me because just like the Anejo, this Punch Rare Corojo is a limited yearly release. Doing some digging I found out that this cigar is released yearly in March and continues to be released until the year’s supply is depleted. The Sumatra wrapper is grown in the mountains of Ecuador and results in a beautiful reddish leaf. This particular vitola that I smoked is the Double Corona it’s a massive stick at 6 3/4″ x 48. I have a feeling I’m in for a nice 2 hour smoke here. Especially the way I smoke. Lets hop into it and see what we’ve got!


Well I already partially described the Punch Rare Corojo above. This cigar has a exquisite box press to it, the edges are very clearly defined and make it incredibly easy to hold in your hand. I’ve always been a fan of box pressed cigars for this very reason. It’s especially helpful that they don’t roll when I’m trying to take their pictures for the site. So it’s a double whammy of why I like the box press!

Punch Rare Corojo - Barrel
Punch Rare Corojo – Barrel

As I mentioned above this cigar has a beautiful red tinted wrapper, very minimal veins from what I can see. The band is a very classic design. It’s similar to the AF Anejo, but doesn’t have as much of the gold trimming. I think the red, gold and white is a very classic look that you can never go wrong with. This Punch Rare Corojo has the Punch logo stamped right in the middle of the band and it appears to have some sort of shield with a cross in the middle. There is also a second band below the main band that displays the words ‘Rare Corojo’. I like the second band being added because it lets you know this is a special cigar and make its more easily noticeable when you’re scavenging through the shelves at your B&M. All in all it’s a great looking very dignified looking cigar and I can’t wait to burn it to the ground!


Now being a box pressed cigar it’s hard to run the ole pinch test on this Punch Rare Corojo. I don’t want to break down the filler that has been formed. So I give it a couple of light squeezes and call it good. The cap on this cigar is almost unfindable, I can barely see the lines on it, but I’m going to assume it’s a triple cap. I’m sure they would triple cap a special release cigar, but I could be wrong, it’s happened in the past.

Punch Rare Corojo - Foot
Punch Rare Corojo – Foot

After I nip off the presumptive triple cap I tested the cold draw, Mmm so easy to pull some air through. In fact I always worry about that especially considering the length of this particular cigar. I should know by now that most of these classic manufacturers find a way to create cigars that draw well despite the length. I should really stop worrying about there are bigger things to worry about, such as what I’m going to drink with this cigar. (I chose a nice red wine by the way). I think everything is good to go on this cigar so let’s light the fire!

Punch Rare Corojo - Head
Punch Rare Corojo – Head


My butane torch has been burning up some fuel lately! I think I have the flame set too high on it, because I feel like I just refilled this thing and it’s already low again. So either a) I’ve been smoking a lot of cigars or b) It’s burning a lot of fuel. I guess I would prolly have to go with a combination of both.

This Punch Rare Corojo took right to the monsterous blue flame coming out and began smoking with ease. One of my favorite things to watch when smoking a cigar is that initial burn line around the foot of the cigar. I like watching it go from a nice clean cut to slow burning lip of white ash. It’s the little things…

Punch Rare Corojo - 1st Third
Punch Rare Corojo – 1st Third

Now we’re off and smoking, the first third of this cigar was drawing great and had a great burn line. About half way through the first third it started getting a little wonky on me, but I didn’t want to correct, so I let it even itself out and it was fine! The only problem was the ash barely held on for more than half an inch. Of course it dumped itself right in my lap as always. That of course got the death stare from the fiance who was outside enjoying the smoke filled garage with me. (We were picking bridal party gifts for our upcoming wedding! Only 59 days left!) Once I stood up and knocked off the ash I continued smoking through the first third.

Punch Rare Corojo - 2nd Third
Punch Rare Corojo – 2nd Third

The burn and draw were incredible consistent. I wish I could say the same about the ash. It wouldn’t hold any longer than 3/4 of an inch. Which is kind of frustrating to me, but I guess it’s not a hugely important thing. I just like to have long ashes.  Luckily for the rest of the night I dodged falling ashes, even though I barely got any into the actual ashtray only one fell on me. I’ll call that a win. This Punch Rare Corojo was a great smoking cigar, and again I was impressed at how well it drew considering the length. I guess I’m going to have to get over the thought that longer cigars might possibly have draw issues.


Here’s where the money’s at! What’s this Punch Rare Corojo taste like? I had no clue what to expect honestly. I didn’t know anything about the leaf makeup or the flavor profile going into this cigar so I just wanted to sit back and enjoy it and see what I could pull out. Would it be a flavor bomb or just a smooth creaminess? Lets find out.

On the initial pass in my pre light check-in I picked up on some heavy barnyard and earthy notes. Some notes of hay and compost, with some hints of leather. Overall a very musty smell, I know it doesn’t sound that appealing, but there’s something endearing about those notes to me. On the pre draw I was picking up some nice sweetness on the tongue and that continued earthy note that I was picking up in the aroma.

Punch Rare Corojo - Final Third
Punch Rare Corojo – Final Third

The first third of this Punch Rare Corojo brought out some nice woody flavors and that dominant earthiness was there. The retrohale was nice and mellow not too much spice. It brought alongside it a meaty almost BBQ-esque note with it. Very savory and slightly nutty. Overall it was a very complex first third.

In the second third I was hoping for more of the same and that’s exactly what I got. To me the flavors didn’t change up whatsoever, they became a little less intense, not necessarily muted, but just less intense. Still that dominant earthiness to it with the savory on the retrohale.

The final third was more of the same. The flavors were so consistent through this cigar it was almost shocking. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a cigar that was that consistent with flavor. Typically I find some variance throughout each third, but this was very consistent and complex. Sometimes I get bored when the cigar doesn’t change up flavors, but this Punch Rare Corojo was delightfully complex that it kept me on my toes throughout. Overall, I would say this definitely a medium bodied cigar. It never really built into a full bodied, which is fine for me. I tend to enjoy medium bodied more anyway. I don’t like feeling dizzy or buzzed after smoking a cigar, at least not too often.

Punch Rare Corojo - Nub
Punch Rare Corojo – Nub

Would I Buy It Again?


Is It an Every Day Smoke?

This is a rare occasion cigar (see what I did there) mainly because of the size. I would search out some smaller vitolas and snatch them up. They are fairly cheap ranging in the $5-7 arena.

Would I Buy a Box?

Certainly could if you can find some of the rare sizes. It would certainly be worth taking a look.


Punch Rare Corojo
Punch Rare Corojo

This Punch Rare Corojo is a great cigar to me. It was full of complexity and medium bodied. I loved the notes that I got from it and the draw and burn were excellent. I just wish the ash would have held on longer and not fallen off so easily. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of construction issues or just makeup of the tobacco inside. All things considered it was a small annoyance in the grand scheme of this cigar. If you’re wanting to get a look at one of the classic brands of cigars then I would suggest this anytime. It’s an excellent smoke and you can see what years of quality craftmanship can create with this cigar. At the price point of less than $7 you definitely can’t go wrong.

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