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Picking Your Cigar Cutter


To me picking your cutter is like finding the right golf club for your upcoming shot. There are lots of different types of cutters available and each one performs a similar task, yet they do so in a different way. How does this relate to a golf club? Well think of all the different types of golf clubs in a bag, if you’re sticking to the PGA Rules you limit yourself to 14 clubs in your bag. Now there aren’t 14 different types of cutters but hang with me here and I’ll explain.

Single Blade Cutter or Guillotine – (Your 1 Wood or Driver)

Single Blade Cigar Cutter

The single blade cutter is one sharp angled blade that similarly shaped like a guillotine, hence the name. This is your standard cutter and can be found and almost every cigar shop for fairly cheap. This cutter can be used on cigars upwards of 54 ring gauges. You can cut further down on your cigar than our other cutters, however it’s not as precise of a cut as some of our other options. Those are two reasons why I relate it to the 1 Wood or Driver. Your driver can get you the farthest down the fairway, and it’s usually not the most accurate club in your bag.

Double Blade Cutter – (Your 3&5 Woods)


The double blade cutter works similarly to the single blade but typically with more precision and a cleaner cut. With two blades meeting at a middle point it creates more a crisp cut compared to the single blade having to cut all the way through. The double blade cutter has become the most popular style of cutter and can be seen frequently in your cigar shops. I believe the double blade is similar to a 3&5 wood because it can get you similar amounts of distance down the fairway, however you are typically more accurate with these clubs. There are less chances of slices and hooks when you hit your ball in other words, less chance of an unsmooth cut.

Cigar Scissors (Long Irons & Hybrids)


I honestly have only used cigar scissors once or twice in my short smoking career. I just don’t care for them and to be honest they intimidate me a little. Hence why I relate them to my long irons and hybrids! Cigar scissors have been used forever and are a more traditional approach to cutting the cap off or your cigar. They work just like a pair of scissors instead of this time you’re not cutting out construction paper and using third grade glue to make your next refrigerator masterpiece. Hopefully you are removing the cap from a very nice premium cigar and can enjoy it with your adult beverages and adolescent sense of humor.

As I said cigar scissors intimidate me just like my long irons, you can remove more of the cap from your cigar with scissors than any other cutting device. You could even cut your cigar in half if you felt like it. Scissors come in very handy if you’re a fan of big gauged cigars. They give you that precise cut like a double blade but still allow you to choose how much of the head you want to remove.

Double Blade Cutter with a Cap (Your Short Irons)

Double Blade Cutter with BackMy personal favorite style of cutter. This cutter is very similar to the double blade cutter. The only difference is that this cutter has a cap or a back on it. This cutter gives you the precision of a a double blade cutter but it also limits how far down on the cigar you can cut. If you have a torpedo or pyramid shaped cigar it’s going to take a few snips to open up the cigar on the head. I believe this is similar to your short irons because you get the precise cut from the double blade but you’re also limited in distance that you can cut. I personally would call this my 7 iron. It’s the best club in my bag I always hit it straight and the exact same distance. As my golf hero Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy said:

I pared the back nine with a 7 Iron”

V Cutter or Cat's Eye Cutter (Wedges)Xikar-V-Cutter

This style of cutter is becoming very popular. However, I typically only use this cutter in certain circumstances. I love using this cutter on a chisel tip cigar like the LFD Air Bender or on a very full bodied big gauge cigar. The V Cutter or Wedge Cutter makes a very intricate cut into the head of the cigar. It removes a wedge from the the cigar which essentially throttles down the amount of draw / smoke you can pull in from the cigar. That is why I prefer to use it on big gauge cigars so that you’re not overwhelmed with the amount of smoke that you pull in. It also comes in handy with the fuller bodied cigars for the exact same reason.

As I said this is practically the only way to cut chisel tip cigars without ruining the construction. It relates to the your golf wedges (sand, pitching, lob) primary because of the name. Most people call this the V or Wedge cutter. However, I only use this cutter for special circumstances and very particular cuts similar to when you use your wedge on the golf course. You typically use this every couple of holes as a utility club.

Punch - Bullet - Hole Cutter (Your Putter)

Punch Cigar CutterThe first time I saw a punch cut I was blown away. I was like what??? It made sense, but like anything that you see for the first time you’re usually blown away right? This style of cutter can be used on almost any cigar. It’s very difficult to use on a pyramid / torpedo cigar, but I have seen this used on a chisel tip. So when you’re in a pinch it will work almost anywhere.

Because you can use this cutter on practically any cigar I consider similar to the putter which is your most used club in your bag. (As I said above the Double Cutter with a back is my most used, but I digress) The punch cutter is very similar to the V or Wedge cutter because it’s limited it how much you can remove from the head of the cigar. The hole that is removed also throttles the amount of smoke or draw that you can pull in from the cigar. I believe that’s why most people choose to use the punch cutter because they like the draw less and make the cigar last longer. Similar to a putter the punch can only do one thing, and how well it does that one thing is all in the skill of the person using it.

Wrap It Up Already!

I believe I’ve covered every major type of cutter available, or at least all the ones that I’ve ever seen and used. If there are more out there please comment below, however the one stipulation is that you must relate the cutter to a golf product!

So go forth and find your own 7 Iron and enjoy your smokes.


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9 thoughts on “Picking Your Cigar Cutter

  1. Randall

    Xikar is my favorite!!!!

    RAD double-blade cutter with a lifetime warranty

    1. Siz

      @Randall I’ve seen these cutters everywhere and I typically use the one at UPtowns when I go. I’m really looking forward to getting the rosewood cutter pictured above. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile!

  2. Brian

    I like having the capped back on the double blade…gives you that perfect cut!

    1. stogiesotr_eric

      I agree! That’s why I it’s my favorite cutter or 7 iron if you will

  3. the Urbandhillbilly

    A good sharp knife is what I mostly use

    1. Eric Scism

      Interesting! Does it cause the wrapper to tear at all?

  4. […] clipping the head with my Coppola scissor clips, I’m met with a nice, medium draw and picked up more of that musty taste with a spicy after […]

  5. Will Holden

    Love the analogies. I tend to think the single blade cutter is sufficient for most cigars, but it’s certainly dependent on the person using it. Definitely get something and avoid using your teeth!

    1. Eric Scism

      I agree Will it all depends on the person using it. My go to is the double blade cap back b/c it cuts off just above the shoulder, everytime!

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