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Getting Started:

Choosing Bulleit to review was an easy call.  It’s always been one of my favorite bourbons and it only seemed appropriate to tee this one up.  As fortune would have it, I was due for a business trip to the Volunteer State and I began this trip with a pit stop at my good friend Siz’s house.  Before I left Louisville, I stopped into the local liquor store to grab some Bulleit and began the pilgrimage down I-65.

Bulleit Bourbon - Frontier Whiskey
Bulleit Bourbon – Frontier Whiskey

I’ve  been a huge fan of Bulleit Bourbon for quite some time.  I first purchased this bourbon upon recommendation from a fellow browser in the bourbon aisle.  I figured at the modest price, I’d give it a shot.  As you might have read in my bio on the website, I really like the down to earth nature of the bourbon industry.  While I enjoy great packaging as much as the next person, a clear glass jar that showcases the magnificent color of a well made bourbon is something to behold.  Much like my attraction for “Plain Jane” women, this jar fits my eye.  I’m sensing some chemistry…But before this review turns weird and sounds like a high school crush..let’s move along.  Better than the laid back nature of their packaging is the flavor.  It’s complex and smooth.  So to you…kind sir who introduced me to this bourbon many moons ago…Cheers!

A Family Legacy:

Bulleit’s journey first began with Augustus Bulleit in the 1830’s.  He loved bourbon and set his sights on creating an original and unique bourbon recipe.  He tried all the bourbons that he could to see what he liked and disliked.  Augustus experiemented with many different batches of bourbon looking for the exact character he desired.  Eventually he arrived at what he considered to be an excellent recipe.  All this work was nearly all for naught, however.  In what is still very unclear, Augustus vanished on his way to New Orleans with a shipment of barrels.

Bulleit Bourbon - Label
Bulleit Bourbon – Label

Fortunately for us consumer folk, Tom Bulleit stepped in many years later.  His lifelong dream to revive his family’s bourbon legacy took fruition in 1987.  Distilled in small batches with Kentucky limestone-filtered water this bourbon is aged until it’s ready.  They use only the highest quality ingredients with a unique blend of rye, corn, barley malt, and yeast strains.  Unique to Bulleit is the especially high rye content to give it a full and spicy flavor.  To learn more about Bulleit Bourbon please visit their website.


Once I uncorked the bottle I quickly noticed brown sugar.  Dark chocolate, butterscotch, and cinnamon were also very present.  I really enjoyed swirling this bourbon around in the glass to try to pin point all the different smells.  There is a broad range of smells that fit into different categories as you saw above.  For the price point, this bourbon brings a lot to the table.


Brown Sugar, molasses and cinnamon are the stand outs in the group.  Interestingly, around the 3rd sip I did get a little pop of peppermint.  Bulleit is kind of like the girl you are best friends with for quite some time.  You date other women who you think are more adventurous, risky, interesting etc and don’t realize that you have someone right in front of you that is the perfect option.  Bulleit is well put together, complex, and I always find something different I like about it.

The texture is kinda difficult to pin point.  While it has a certain clean/thin consistency; it coats the mouth with a creamy texture.  Whatever it is (I’m gonna go with creamy for those who wish me to choose) I’m not fighting the feeling!  The finish doesn’t disappoint.  I’m left with a sweet and savory feeling…  The Dude Abides!

Best Ways to Consume:

Short answer, there’s not really a bad option!  Bulleit Bourbon is great neat, on ice, or in a cocktail.  It’s priced great for it’s flavor and thus you don’t feel guilty enjoying it in a variety of ways.  My personal preference is in a whiskey glass with a few cubes of ice.  As the ice melts it cools the bourbon to a more refreshing temperature and cuts the alcohol a bit to make it even more smooth.

 A Special Treat- The Heist Cocktail!

For this occasion, I tapped into www.breadandgin.com.  I’ve been a fan of this website for a while.  It’s simple and boasts a great sense of humor.  So, I reached out to see if I could include a review of one of their cocktails for the Bulleit review.  Thankfully they obliged.


 2 oz Bulleit Bourbon,

1/4 oz Gran Classico Orange Bitter Liquor,

1/4 oz Honey Syrup,


1/2 oz of Orange Juice.

If you’d like the full treatment on how to make this cocktail, along with a ridiculously great video, visit their website.

I will point out that my favorite part was making the honey syrup which consists of equal parts honey and water.  You heat the mixture until it’s diluted.  This made the build up to enjoying this cocktail that much more enjoyable.

Bulleit Bourbon - The Heist
Bulleit Bourbon – The Heist

The Heist makes for a good, strong cocktail.  It’s complex but not in the number of ingredients.  As you start to look at the different ingredients you appreciate the thought that went into putting this drink together.  All the flavors compliment each other and I personally appreciate that the cocktail isn’t really sweet.  The portion size is really small and certainly leaves you wanting more.  I personally would recommend doubling the recipe just to avoid feeling like too much of a booze hound when you have to make a second one 10 minutes later.  Most importantly, the bourbon is the headliner.  Excellent cocktail!

Overall:  9/10

This is a good all-around Bourbon.  It’s complex, bold, and is pleasant to drink.  The diversity with which you can consume Bulleit warrants some serious bonus points given the price point.  I regularly recommend this bourbon to all kinds of people.  It’s a great value and I love the packaging.  Bulleit Bourbon reminds me of everything I love about the bourbon industry:  Great Flavor and Laid-Back Kentucky Charm!

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