Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011

Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011


An Introduction:

Maison Louis Jadot was officially established in 1859, although the land and vine’s history dates back decades earlier. The vineyards are situated in the Burgundy region of France located centrally (North to South) in the Eastern portion of the country, about 160 miles from the Western Swiss border. The Burgundy region is one of France’s main wine producing regions and – although entirely landlocked – is considered to have a mostly oceanic climate which lends to higher yields in the region’s vineyards. Interestingly enough, the Chardonnay grape is reported to have originated in just this region.

Burgundy, France
Burgundy, France

Initial Thoughts:

It’s no secret that my personal preference is red wine, however in just the right setting or situation, I can absolutely relish a well-made white wine. Based solely on the history of Louis Jadot and the fact that the Chardonnay grape has a deep-rooted (see what I did there?) history in the Burgundy region, I’m hoping this Mâcon-Villages will be a delight.

Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 - Corkscrew
Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 – Corkscrew


The bottle of this Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 is made of green glass and has an ecru cap matching the lable on both the neck and the body of the bottle. Both labels and the cork display the iconoclastic cherub logo which looks almost as it would appear chiseled into the stonework of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 - Cherub Cork
Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 – Cherub Cork

Being that this is a white wine, the cork didn’t show much, but did have a very vague amber hue. The actual wine in the glass has a lustrous golden and yellow color and I caught a touch of the amber color that was foreshadowed on the cork when holding the glass up to the light.

Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 - Cork
Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 – Cork


The first smell is extremely subtle with a scant hint of green (but not tart) apple. After a couple dozen swirls of the glass the slightest scent of dry lemon zest was noticeable.


This Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 had been chilled to approximately 50º F. The first sip was acutely smooth on the tongue. I was hit with some very manageable tartness (there was definitely a little flaring of the jaws happening) and a very unexpected (but delightful) dryness, earthiness, and woody flavors on the finish. The finish was reminiscent of an big, old-world red wines, which was a true treat. And as a big fan of drier wines, I welcomed this with open arms.

Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 - Glass
Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 – Glass

The earth and wood flavors are most likely from the oak in which the alcohol fermentation takes place as well as the terroir or the Burgundy region.

With each ensuing sip, the tartness sharply subsided. After several sips, the wine had opened up into a lovely wine, balanced in smoothness, dryness, and overall palatable flavors.

On the second glass, the wine had only warmed a little bit and the aroma was bigger but not different in character. The flavor profile remained almost entirely unchanged (this is typical with younger wines). The only different was a negligible hint of acidity on the finish. The acidic flavors did not distract from the original flavor profile, rather added another element of character to this already enjoyable Chardonnay.


The Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011 is a lively white wine, mildly complex without being too overpowering with any of its flavors or aromas. For the price, this is a great wine to enjoy on its own on a nice warm day or while grilling white fish, turkey burgers, and legumes (don’t be afraid to throw those green beans right on the grill, people).

Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011
Louis Jadot Chardonnay 2011

While I really enjoyed this wine, it’s not an everyday wine for me. However, on a warm day with good company this wine will most certainly delight!

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