BLTC Redemption Robusto
Black Label Trading Company Cigar Review

Black Label Trading Company Redemption Robusto



When I reviewed the Lawless, I gave you some background information on Black Label Trading Company, their founder, and the cigars in their portfolio.  Please check it out if you haven’t done so already.

The Redemption is one of the original six lines that were released in 2013.  Like the other releases, it comes in two vitolas, the robusto and gran toro.  However, this one has both a standard parejo and box pressed version of both vitolas, adding up to 4 different options.  This one is the box press robusto.

We acquired some samples from the good folks at BLTC.  We’re grateful for the samples but this will have no bearing on the rating.


The BLTC Redemption has a rather dark chocolate wrapper with some veins and smooth seams. This one is much smoother than the Lawless was and seems to be better packed and constructed.

BLTC Redemption Robusto - Foot

The top band is the same as the one on the Lawless.  It has a black background with silverfish-white print.  Same designs, letters, placement, etc.  The foot band is where they differ.  This one says “Redemption”.  I do have to wiggle it a bit to remove it, but am able to do so without tearing the wrapper.


The BLTC Redemption feels very smooth, just like it looked!  Like most box-pressed cigars I’ve smoked, there was a little bit of give when squeezed, but no soft spots or lumps.

BLTC Redemption Robusto - 1st Third

The foot smells of cocoa and earth.  The barrel smells the same.  I like where this is headed.

When I clip the cap, the draw reveals good airflow.  It also renders notes of earth and molasses.


Unlike the Lawless, the Redemption lights up rather easily.  Of course, the wind is not a factor on this day.  It lights up evenly and stays that way for the whole cigar.  The burn is slower too, more in line with what I would expect from a robusto.

Just like on the pre-light, the draw is great.  I am able to get plenty of smoke without it being wide open.

BLTC Redemption Robusto - 2nd Third

The ash is mostly white with some gray.  Though it curves a bit, it is pretty solid.  It makes it to 1” before I have to tap it off.


The BLTC Redemption looks good, feels good, and performs well.  I am pleased with it thus far and am excited to see what flavors it has.  Let’s get to it!

The first third starts off with a nice mix of cayenne pepper and earth.   Soon after, a sweet, almost syrupy flavor develops.  Then some cocoa comes in as well.  Near the end of this section, the cayenne starts to fade into black pepper.

The next third picks up where we left off with black pepper, earth, cocoa, and some sweetness.  The sweet flavor is now more of a caramel.  Some wood also develops.  Near the end, there is just a hint of mint on the finish.

BLTC Redemption Robusto - Final Third

In the final third, the pepper, earth, wood, and cocoa remain.  Now, a tangy note has appeared as well as a floral note.  The cigar does get a little warm near the very end, but no bitterness occurs.

The Black Label Trading Company Redemption Robusto was medium-full in both strength and flavor.  It was a nice mix of sweet, spicy, and earthy flavors that were very satisfying.  Total smoke time was 1 hour 10 minutes.

Would I Buy It Again?

Yes, but I do have a slight issue with the price.

Is It An Everyday Smoke?

Based on price and strength, I would say no.  It would be more of a weekend cigar for me.

Would I Buy a Box?

Personally, I would not.  I could see getting a 5 pack.


BLTC Redemption Robusto - Nub

The Black Label Trading Company Redemption Robusto is a solid cigar in terms of construction and flavor.  I really enjoyed smoking it and hope to start seeing them carried in some of my local shops.  That being said, I do feel that $12 is a bit too high for the cigar.  I could see it being as high as $10, but no more.  There are a lot of options out there that are just as enjoyable in the $8-$10 range that you could go with if price is an issue.  I hope this doesn’t hurt the brand, but it is a complaint that I hear from smokers about boutique brands.  At the same time, I like supporting the smaller brands so sometimes I just bite the bullet and shell out a couple of bucks more to do so.  At least it was a great cigar!

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