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Sam Leccia Luchador


Initial Thoughts

The Luchador! What an interesting name for a cigar. I think I can safely say when most of us hear the word Luchador we think of Rey Mysterio Jr. flying through the air on WWE’s Monday Night RAW. Am I wrong? Maybe I’m the only one that watched that show, who knows. Anywho, this is a different kind of Luchador. This is Sam Leccia’s 3rd line, released in 2014 on May 5th, or as some of you may know it, Cinco de Mayo.

Sam Leccia Luchador - Barrel

The product development team must have been really inspired by Mexico. There are quite a few Mexican orientated themes going on with this cigar. The band is filled with colors of the Mexican flag. The wrapper is from the San Andres region of Mexico. Lest we forget it was released on Cinco de Mayo. I think my personal favorite Mexican theme are the names of vitolas that the Luchador is available in:

El Hombre – 5×54

El Castigo – 6×60     

El Guapo – 6×50     

Loco Perfecto – 6 x 58.

How can you not love a vitola named Loco Perfecto? Well today we’re reviewing the El Hombre. So I think it’s about time we dive right in!


I’ve already alluded to the fact that the band is full of Mexico’s colors: red, white & green.  The band is actually a Luchador mask. The detail in the mask is phenomenal. My favorite part of the band is the black L and small T that stands for Leccia Tobacco. The curly ends of the L extend and act as eyes in the Luchador mask. A little creepy, but mainly awesome. Also, the flaps of the mask that usually cover the wrestler’s cheeks look to be tobacco leaves. Like I said, quite a bit of detail that you might not normally find in other bands.

Sam Leccia Luchador - Cap

The San Andres wrapper on this Sam Leccia Luchador is gorgeous. A nice dark and oily wrapper. Fairly toothy and rustic looking. It looks like it’s been weathering out in the sun and then someone sprayed some Armor-All on it to get it shined up. Sounds appetizing right?

The cap on the cigar looks similar to flag cap, but I’ve seen it described as a nipple cap as well. So I guess it’s really just whatever you want to call it. I like flag caps better, so that’s what I’m going to call it. It gives the cigar a nice bit of flair on top of what the band already offers.


Taking a look up and down the barrel of the Sam Leccia Luchador I notice one rather large seam towards the foot of the cigar. Other than that the construction looks perfect. It’s interesting looking at the wrapper you can see how thick the actual leaf is. It appears to be thicker than most wrappers that I’ve seen.

Sam Leccia Luchador - Foot

I clip the flag cap off and test the dry draw. Fantastic amount of air coming through the barrel. Not too loose, and not too stiff either. The rest of the cigar passes the pre-game inspection so it’s time to put some fire to it.


I break out the handy Xikar Stratosphere torch and set the foot aflame. The smoke just starts pouring off this cigar. I honestly wasn’t expecting that much smoke. I had to go and open the garage door to let some of it escape. This Sam Leccia Luchador starts off great and is burning nice and even all the way through the first third.

Sam Leccia Luchador - 1st Third

The second third continues the trend. I end holding the ash for just over an inch before I knock it off. It’s a nice solid ash. I love the burn lines in the ash they appear to be an 1/8″ in length and fairly even throughout. To me, that’s a sign of great construction. Every time I see an ash like that I’ve never had an issue with the construction or smoking experience with the cigar. I think it’s time we jump into the flavors and see what we get.


The pre light nosing of this Sam Leccia Luchador brings out a nice barnyard and hay like note. I don’t get any spice on the foot which is surprising considering all the ligero leaf used in the filler.

Once I get the cigar lit, it’s a whole different story. That spice hits you right in the face, and man is it awesome. There’s a thick dose of black pepper followed with a nice savory note of char. I likened it to laying a slab of meat on a piece of hickory and slow smoking it. Those two notes battle back and forth all the way through the first third.

Sam Leccia Luchador - 2nd Third

During the 2nd third the spice dissipates and lets the savory note take over. There is a bit of sweetness during the 2nd third which allows my palate to reset and calm down after that initial blast of spice. It’s just prepping you ready for the final third.

The final third is what separates this cigar. I get hit again with the spice, the savory and the sweetness all rolling together. There are just waves of flavors hitting all throughout this last section of the cigar. Very entertaining and easy to enjoy. It’s a great way to end the cigar.

Would I Buy It Again?

Without a doubt.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?


Would I Buy a Box?

Yes, for the right price.


Sam Leccia Luchador - Nub

I wasn’t sure what I would think of this cigar, but it turns out I really enjoyed it. The flavor really sets it apart, of course the branding helps that as well. I love how the flavors shifted gears between the different sections. It makes it seem like 3 unique smoking experiences which was fun to wade through. So if you see these Sam Leccia Luchadors running around your hometown store make sure and grab a couple! I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

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3 thoughts on “Sam Leccia Luchador

  1. John Gemmellaro

    I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for the review.

    1. Eric Scism

      You’re welcome John! I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think after you smoke it.

  2. jy617

    I had the El Guapo and Hombre last night at a SL event here in Memphis. Great cigar! I prefer the guapo (toro) over the hombre (robusto).

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