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How does the S & S Pairing Calculator work?

Well, it’s fairly simply yet incredibly complex at the same time. So before I talk about how it works, let me talk about the idea. So the idea for Stogies on the Rocks is to smoke cigars and drink spirits and then find the best pairings and tell you about them. So one day I was sitting here thinking why not do this but in a scalable way? I knew we weren’t going to be able to smoke every cigar with every possible spirit out there. That’s just not possible, so instead I thought, how about when I smoke I take the top 3 flavor profiles from the cigar and the top 3 flavor profiles from the spirit and compare them and see how they interact with each other, and that’s exactly what we did.

So the number that you see as a result of pressing the “Score this Pairing” button is a calculation based on our perceived flavors of both the cigars and the spirits we’ve reviewed. We realize that this may not align with everyone’s palates, and that’s fine. We’re just trying to give you our experience of the cigars. Once we know the flavors that we’re experiencing we give each combination a rating and we also pull that into the calculation. We combine all this really cool math and then we get our “Score” for each pairing. That’s the short explanation for how it all works, and that’s probably the longest explanation you’ll get from us because we don’t want to let everyone in on our little gem of a tool here. If you have some questions or are curious how it works feel free to send us an email and we’ll explain it a little more!

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