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The EP Carrillo brand, created by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, has certainly made a name for itself in the last 5 years of operation. Though it is a family operation, Ernesto is certainly identified as the mastermind behind it. Not only has the brand produced it’s own notable cigars; Perez-Carrillo has blended cigars for other companies that have received rave reviews, most notably for Crowned Heads.

The La Historia line pays homage to the family that has helped and supported the success of the company. This is the first box-pressed release for the company. There are 3 vitolas: El Senador, Dona Elena and E-III. They come in beautifully designed 10 ct boxes. The line was released in August and should be on a shelf near you right now. The cigar smoked for this review was purchased from a local shop.


As I mentioned earlier, the EP Carrillo La Historia is a beautiful cigar. The wrapper is somewhere between milk and dark chocolate with a few veins and smooth seams. It has a nice soft box press. It appears to be well packed.

EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador - Foot Band

There are two bands and a ribbon around the foot. The main band is really something to behold! To describe it will not do it justice. Just look at the photos! The lower band is red with gold trim and white print. It says “Perez-Carrillo” on it. The foot band is turquoise and really pops against the dark wrapper.


The La Historia looks like a solid cigar and is for the most part. It is a little soft near the foot. The wrapper has a slight tooth to it but is pretty smooth otherwise.

The foot aromas are cocoa, molasses and earth. The barrel is just cocoa and earth.

EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador - 1st Third

After clipping the cap, I check the draw. It is perfect! The notes I get are a hint of bitterness and earth. Not exactly what I was hoping for.


When I light the La Historia up, it does so pretty easily and evenly. However, a run quickly develops in the first third that does require a touch up. Once that is out of the way, the burn is mostly even and doesn’t need any more touch ups.

The draw is great on this cigar. I am able to get plenty of smoke on each puff.

The one weak spot is the ash. It is mostly white and gray with a touch of black. It also appears to be a little loose. It is still able to hold on for about an inch but it certainly falls easily. The next ash falls in my lap.


As attractive as this cigar is I am really hoping for a tasty treat. It’s time to find out if the EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador is going to tease me or please me. Or maybe both!

The first third starts out with wood, earth and graham cracker. Unfortunately, the flavor is lighter than I was hoping, but still enjoyable. There is a light white pepper on the retrohale that eventually builds on the finish.

EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador - 2nd Third

Later on, a floral note and baking spices appear. The flavor is also building. The second third continues with a faint white pepper, wood, flora, graham cracker and baking spices (nutmeg and clove). I also get a touch of butter now and then, but it is faint. It starts to develop more pepper and sweetness as it goes along.

The final third continues in that vane. Around the 1” mark it gets slightly harsh. Thankfully, that doesn’t last long and it smoothed back out. The retrohale in this part is mostly floral.

The EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador is medium in strength and flavor, though the flavor almost ventures into the med-full range by the end. It was rather enjoyable but not quite as much as I’d hoped for. I was really expecting more cocoa and coffee notes with the San Andres wrapper but didn’t get that. Smoke time was just under 1 hour 30 minutes.

Would I Buy It Again?


Is It An Everyday Smoke?

It certainly could be

Would I Buy a Box?

Probably not


EP Carrillo La Historia El Senador - Nub

The EP Carrillo La Historia is a beautiful cigar that is enjoyable and affordable. I will have to say that the appearance did more for me than the smoking experience but that doesn’t mean it was bad. It just wasn’t anything special. I will say that the price point is good and makes it where I will most likely give it another shot before making my final determination.

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