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La Musa Mousa by Emilio Cigars



I’m Matt (@MattSRoss81) – not Eric.  Eric asked me to review the La Musa as a guest review and I jumped at the opportunity.  I am not a reviewer, nor do I claim to be, so this might be slightly different than your average review.

La Musa Mousa
La Musa Mousa

I first was introduced to Emilio Cigars by my friend ZackTheStogieMan and immediately took a liking to the brand – this was even furthered by my first meeting with Gary in Esteli in May 2012.  If you’ve never been lucky enough to meet and talk with Gary, I highly suggest tracking him down – great guy with an “interesting” sense of humor!  During the duration of our 45-minute or so conversation, Gary gave me insight into his life and journey, nut kicks, and more.  One of the more fascinating topics we touched on included his “muse” and her association to the Grimalkin/La Musa.  While its not my story to tell, I suggest you ask him about it when you get to meet Gary as it gave me a new-found respect for Gary and the cigar itself.  I know I looked at the smoking experience delivered by the Grimalkin/La Musa differently before I spoke to Gary as I did after.


As a matter of full disclosure, both samples smoked for this “review” were received, without request, from Gary.  While I greatly appreciate his generosity, that does not impact my opinion.


The La Musa is exactly what a cigar should look like – a beautiful Habano Rosado wrapper with minimal, if any, visible oils and minor veins.  I found the cigar to be very firm though this would not impact the draw.  The band, while a bit “plain” for those who care about such things, fits with the Greek Muse theme and, in my opinion, is a step up from the “creepy” Grimalkin band (felt like I was being watched previously)!

La Musa Mousa
La Musa Mousa

After admiring the cigar, I took a straight-cut off of the cap and took some pre-light draws.  An abundance of flavors hit my palate including a bit of sweetness and I could tell that this was going to be a winner.  After toasting the foot, I lit the La Musa up and got to enjoying!


For the purposes of this “review”, I smoked two samples – one that sat in my humidor for 7 days after I received it and one that sat in my humidor for 14 days after I received it.  Typically I prefer to let cigars sit in my humidors a bit longer – especially in winter months – but I was eager to smoke these.  The first sample had considerable burn issues and had to be touched up several times, but the second, while wavy, required no touch-ups.

La Musa Mousa
La Musa Mousa

Immediately off the light, I noticed a bit of spice – especially on the retrohale.  As the first third progressed, the spice became a bit more muted, though, and the abundance of flavors I got on the pre-light draw returned.  I’d say this is a medium strength smoke with a sweetness on the draw with some minor spice on the backend.

The ash stayed on the cigar pretty well – perhaps an inch or so at a time – but I did notice that it wasn’t very tight with an intriguing flakiness to it.

As the smoking experience moved into the second third, the spiciness I noted in the beginning continued, but mainly on the backend as a creaminess joined the sweetness.  The flavor remained relatively the same for me through the end.  After about an hour and fifteen minutes of lush, billowing smoke, La Musa had done what she set out to do – tempted me with nuance and skill – and added another mainstay to my collection!

La Musa Mousa - Smoking
La Musa Mousa – Smoking


While I would definitely buy this cigar again and keep it in my humidors for an occasional smoke, I’m not sure its one that I would buy by the box.  I’ve heard rumors that this cigar is blended at the My Father factory in Esteli (Gary won’t tell) and I think comparisons could be made to other lines that come from there, but I’m not sure I would choose the La Musa over some of those or the fantastic AF1 or Draig K from Emilio which I absolutely love.  If production of a limited release La Musa Lancero comes to fruition as is rumored, I will jump at it, though, as a huge fan of that vitola.

La Musa Mousa - Conclusion
La Musa Mousa – Conclusion


To celebrate my first “review” on Stogies On The Rocks, I think we should have a contest.  To honor this review and Emilio Cigars, I’ll offer a La Musa Mousa and a Draig K PLUS for every 15 comments this review gets, I’ll throw in one swag item (hats, t-shirts, cutters, ashtrays, etc).  So, please leave a comment telling us what you think about the La Musa or this “review” and share this on Twitter or forums so more people comment and the prize gets bigger.  One week from the post of this, I’ll select a random commenter to receive the prize.

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76 thoughts on “La Musa Mousa by Emilio Cigars

  1. Eric Scism

    I love this stick! The grimalkin was always my fave from the Emilio line. Now this one is one of my faves it’s a toss up between this an the Draig K!

    1. MattSRoss81

      Its definitely a good stick, and I hope my “review” reflects that opinion accurately. For me, though, to be “box-worthy” (which is something you comment on in your reviews), the stick needs to be exceptional – one I’m constantly reaching for. I don’t know that the La Musa Mousa does that for me – its more something I’d like to always have in the humidor and reach for occasionally – whereas the AF1 and Draig K are definitely box worthy, IMO.

  2. Bulldog Cigars

    I love the Draig K, it is a fuller bodied smoke, with tons of flavors coming out of it…the corona is my fav. Nice review.

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for swinging by sir! I agree about the Draig K!

    2. MattSRoss81

      Definitely agree with your assessment of the Draig K. If I had to do a Top of 2012 list, the Draig K Corona would be near the top if not on the top.

  3. jyow617

    Nicely done Matt! I like the “spice on the backend” comment. It reminds me of a Twitter convo with Cigar_G! Thanks for the contest as well man!

    1. Eric Scism

      We all know G has some spice on the backend!

    2. MattSRoss81

      Thanks, Jeremy – your comment makes me giggle like a little girl!

  4. 007MI6

    Nice job Matt! Enjoyed the review. Only Emilio cigar I have been able to get my hands on was a Draig K, and I definitely need to have another one. That flavor wheel is blooming too! All kinds of flavor in this stick, and I am seeing that with Emilio’s blends. Appreciate your time and take on this cigar. And of course, thanks for deciding all the rest of us weasels deserved a chance at more swag! 🙂

    1. Eric Scism

      Haha I love the comment on the flavor wheel! It looks spectacular with all the flavor areas hit for sure!

    2. MattSRoss81

      Thanks, Jerad. Wanted to give away some swag and figured it made sense to do so while also highlighting a great cigar!

  5. Garry

    Nice! Matt u done a great job on this..

    1. MattSRoss81

      Thanks, Garry!

  6. Aaron

    Good cigar but not my favorite by Emilio

    1. MattSRoss81

      Agreed. I prefer the Draig K or AF1. You?

  7. Dick Eloi

    I kind of liked the old band. Those cat eyes staring at you while I smoked the cigar.

    1. MattSRoss81

      They scared me!

  8. @LoganAtDell

    Great review Matt. Does this mean I win? 🙂

    I was actually sad to see the Grimalkin branding go. I think it was a cool band, and the Greek (I think it is Greek) writing on the band doesn’t do it for me. Hell, I was even in a fraternity in college.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. MattSRoss81

      LOL – I’ll pick a winner next Thursday!

      I agree with the current branding – its nothing special as I stated, but I was never a big fan of the Grimalkin bands either.

  9. TheCasualCigar

    Both of our writers have these in our humi’s awaiting a review. I look even more forward to it now!

    1. Eric Scism

      Yes sir, they are a great cigar! Go ahead and get them reviewed 🙂

    2. MattSRoss81

      I’ll be interested to see what you guys think when you review it. Keep me updated.

  10. Tyler A

    Great review. I have been wanting to try one of these for a while. Loved the AF1 so I am excited to try this one eventually.

    1. Eric Scism

      Tyler I agree w/ you I love the AF1, but I have to say the Draig K is my fave so far!

    2. MattSRoss81

      The AF1 was the first Emilio I ever tried – my buddy ZackTheStogieMan gave me one at The Salty Dog in Maple Shade, NJ a few years ago – and it holds a special place in my heart, but like Eric, nothing compares to the Draig K.

  11. Paul Tyler

    Love the thought of a Lancero as well!

    1. Eric Scism

      mmm love some lanceros!

    2. MattSRoss81

      I know there is a Melete Lancero – not sure what else Gary has planned.

  12. Mark Cary

    I like sweet, and really like the comment about the lancero! Thanks for the contest, and what you do here.

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for swinging by Mark! It sounds like everyone loves lanceros around this place 🙂

    2. MattSRoss81

      Let’s make sure Gary sees all these comments about Lanceros! Hardcore smokers love Lanceros!

  13. Jeff Duncan

    nice job matt

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for the kind words Jeff!

  14. Chris McCann

    Nice review, Matt. I’m looking forward to trying the La Musa.

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for stopping in Chris! Have you had any of the other Emilio blends?

      1. Chris McCann

        I haven’t had the chance to try any of the other blends, but I’ve heard great things about them. Butthead’s in Danbury, CT is having an Emilio event on Thu. 1/3. Hopefully I’ll get chance to stop by and pick up some sticks.

  15. JohnG

    I really liked the Grimalkin and I’m glad that it is still around via the La Musa Mousa. I have not tried it yet but I just had an opportunity to try the La Musa – Melete. I don’t buy many boxes but it definitely will be a box purchase for me.Thanks Matt.

    1. Eric Scism

      Mmm the Melete sounds incredible! Im excited I get to go to a release party for the Lancero size here in Nashville!

  16. Canadian Mixologist

    Look forward to your reviews. Look forward to picking up one or two of these sticks to try.

    1. Eric Scism

      Mmm can’t go wrong with that! Maybe mixing it w/ a little Crown Maple?

  17. Lloyd L.

    I still have a couple of sticks with the Grimalkin band on them. It’s a really good cigar.

    1. Eric Scism

      yeah I’ve seen a few of the Grimalkin bands still out there. Maybe it’ll be a collectors edition 🙂

  18. s5592c

    Thanks for the review, Matt, and for the contest!

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site!

  19. Frank

    I smoked one of these when it was the Grimalkin in toro size. I recall some cocoa and creaminess definitely. I have to revisit it again though as it was enjoyable. Have a Draig K (best band ever?) in the humi, and got to get my hands on a AF1. I enjoyed the review very much. The only question I have is that did you feel the last 3rd was the same as the second third?

    1. MattSRoss81

      Thanks for the words, Frank. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m very high on the Draig K – great stick in total! I did find that the middle and final 3rd were relatively the same – some minor fluctuations in spiciness and creaminess here and there, but, overall, I didn’t note much change.

  20. The Urban HillBilly

    nice review and your right about gary a very interesting person met him at the leaf and bean in pittsburgh

    1. MattSRoss81

      Thanks, man – Gary is a really great guy and if I set out to do one thing with this review, it was to make sure people were aware of that!

  21. Evan (thesmokinggreek)

    Not a reviewer huh? Great review Matt!!! You should think about doing it more often, even if just for fun.

    1. MattSRoss81

      Thanks, Evan. I think reviewing is an art, and while everyone has an opinion, there are only a few reviewers that I actually pay attention to, to put it simply. I’ll always have opinions and be more than welcome to share them – just need to find an outlet welcoming of them! 😉

  22. Brewcityjedi

    Excellent review Matt! Make me wanna go out and find this ASAP

  23. Joseph M.

    Nice Review Brother. I’m a huge fan of Gary’s Cigar lines, especially the Draig K.

  24. Scott Lancaster

    Great review on a great cigar! Gary is an amazing BOTL as well as Matt! Please support both! I personally love this cigar and all Emilio Products! Cheers

  25. Scott Lancaster

    Great Review Matt! Great Cigar as I love Emilio products

  26. Jeff Todd

    Great review! I have yet to try any cigar from the Emilio brand, but the flavor wheel of La Musa seem to be right up my alley. Thanks for the contest as well!

  27. Chris Morris

    I enjoyed your review and thought it was spot on. I meet Gary in Chattanooga and he is one of the coolest people I’ve meet. I have not been disappointed with any of his products and look forward to his 2013 releases.

  28. Craig

    Nice review. Look forward to trying one of these.

  29. Karl's Humidor

    While I’ve never sampled a La Musa Mousa, I can’t say that I agree with your assessment. However, I did enjoy reading your review. You’ve got style, my friend!

    1. MattSRoss81

      Haha…thanks, Karl! If you haven’t sampled it, what do you disagree with? Are you basing this off the Grimalkin? (I ask out of curiosity to improve my palate)

      1. Karl's Humidor

        Sorry for the confusion. I merely meant to say that since I haven’t smoked it, I can neither agree nor disagree with you.

        1. Eric Scism

          Karl Matt is easily confused don’t worry about it 😉

  30. David Randolph

    Good read!

    1. Eric Scism

      Thanks David glad you stopped by!

  31. Rick Bruce

    Nice Review. I’ve smoked a Grimalkin before and felt is was quite spicy. This is the same stick just renamed?

    1. MattSRoss81

      Yes, it is the same stick from what I understand. While there was some spice, I wouldn’t say it was a predominant aspect of the La Musa Mousa

      1. Rick Bruce

        I’ll have to take another look at this stick. Hopefully I can win the contest and revisit it. lol

  32. David Nichols

    Great review Matt, you should start doing reviews full-time! Thanks for the contest.

    1. MattSRoss81

      Flattery will get you nowhere, my friend! 😉

    2. Eric Scism

      David I agree! I need someone to do all the hard work while I reap the rewards 🙂

  33. Patrick Mulcahy

    New to the game, its reviews like this that helps me know what to be on the lookout for. Thank you

    1. Eric Scism

      Patrick glad we can help! That’s why we do these reviews to help give consumers some insights into new cigars!

  34. Corey Zerbe

    Gary makes Great products and this one is also a winner I can’t wait to get my hands on this stick again Great idea for the contest!

    1. Eric Scism

      Couldn’t agree more! Gary is a great man and a great Brother of the Leaf!

    2. MattSRoss81

      Congrats, Corey! You entered just in time to be our winner! Please contact Eric through this site or myself through Twitter (@MattSRoss81) to give me your address to send the prizes to! You will receive the two cigars mentioned plus at least two items of swag (likely a hat and t-shirt) since there were 33 entries.

  35. MattSRoss81

    Congrats, Corey Zerbe for being selected the winner of this contest! Please contact Eric through this site or
    myself through Twitter (@MattSRoss81) to give me your address to send
    the prizes to! You will receive the two cigars mentioned plus at least
    two items of swag (likely a hat and t-shirt) since there were 33

  36. Steve Hammill

    Excellent first review. A Nic puro that’s medium strength strikes me as a bit odd unless the tobacco is aged significantly at the start. Is that the story?

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