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Draig K


Initial Thoughts

The Draig K is a very unique cigar. I was actually told it’s a cigar for “tobacco nerds”. This cigar is very unique on the outside and I’m sure it has a lot in store for me on the inside as well. There is a great backstory about this stick that Gary has told on his website:

The “K” designation and Welsh theme recognize and honor both my family heritage, and the first initial of my friend Ken, a Welshman who died in a tragic auto accident at about the same time I was finishing this blend. The band was created by a friend of both mine and Ken’s who happens to be a children’s book illustrator, thus the pastel colors.

Emilio Draig K
Emilio Draig K

What a great way to honor a friend. After reading that I’m truly excited to see what’s in store with this cigar.

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The wrapper for this Draig K comes from Colombia and it’s a very dark almost black maduro. There are very few veins running down the barrel. It would be entirely too difficult to see them anyway with the darkness of this cigar. Just looking at this cigar you can see that there are some very special qualities about it. I’m not typically a maduro guy, but I have a feeling I’m going to like this cigar.

Emilio Draig K - First Third
Emilio Draig K – First Third

The band was already discussed above and it’s nice to know some backstory about it. I’ll have to say when I first saw the band I was like, “what is this Puff the magic dragon? And why is he on my cigar band?” Now knowing the true meaning behind it, I feel like a dick. I’m sure Gary understands though, I know he’s gotten comments about this band but it’s something near and dear to him and I think that’s awesome.

I chose the robusto vitola out of the 3 options. I didn’t feel like a super small smoke, but I also didn’t want a long smoke either. I feel like the robusto can bring out a ton of flavor in these blends and when it’s available thats the vitola I usually go for.


So when I was standing in the humidor at the B&M (which is where I reviewed this) I made sure to roll these Draig Ks through my fingers and perform an on site pinch test. They of course passed with flying colors. I wasn’t going to buy a stick that had soft spots in it! What do you think I am an idiot?… Don’t answer that please it would kill my self confidence.

So I always hate using the cutters in the cigar shops. They are so dull and shitty it just sucks. Of course I left my cutter and torch at home so I had use the ones that everyone else uses. I started off by using the V cutter, I couldn’t draw much air through the barrel so I went back over and used the dull as shit Xikar cutter they had lying on the counter. I’m surprised the wrapper stayed intact enough to smoke this thing. *Word to the wise, bring your own damn cutter!*

Once I finally had the cap removed I was ready to smoke!


As I said, I didn’t have my torch so I was forced to use matches like a peasant boy working in the stables! What a disgrace I tried to hide my face so that no one could see me lighting this cigar with matches or else I would be shunned by the rest of the cigar smoking community!

Emilio Draig K - Second Third
Emilio Draig K – Second Third

Once I got the Draig K lit, it took off was burning nice and even for about five minutes. One of the interesting things about this Colombian maduro is the wrapper burns incredibly uneven and the ash is extremely jagged. The draw is great, but oh man the burn is crazy. I’m a very OCD person when it comes to a straight burn line. I tend to like to correct burns way too much because in the early days of smoking I would have cigars that would canoe and I’d just let them go thinking that was normal. Now I’m watching that burn like a hawk and if it starts to get out of control I bring back in where its supposed to be!

Emilio Draig K - Final Third
Emilio Draig K – Final Third

I had to touch up this stick a couple of times. One big correction during the first third and then just minor corrections the rest of the way through. The draw has stayed consistent, but man that is one ugly ash I have going on I’ll tell you that right now! How does the burn affect the flavor? That’s the real question you want answered right?


I have a good feeling about how the flavor is going to reveal itself in this Draig K. The pre light aroma gave off a very sweet cocoa and coffee note on the foot. I was like taking a whiff of a perfect made mocha latte! Mmm. I need my coffee right now!

Emilio Draig K - Second Third
Emilio Draig K – Second Third

Once this cigar was lit I began to experience a ton of flavor. Sweetness and rich creamy notes coming through the smoke. It tasted glorious. This is absolutely one of the best flavored retrohales I’ve ever experienced. Nice and sweet with a dark rich Colombian coffee note to it. I typically drink Colombian roast coffee so the flavor is almost identical. They must put something special in the soil down there, perhaps cocaine? I don’t know I’m just saying they taste almost identical.

The second third was more of the same, but there was a nice blast of pepper and spice in this section. It was more on the lips at first but then the last couple of retrohales the spice really picked up and even made me tear up at once section. I reached for the fire extinguisher, but the manager at the B&M took it away and told me to man up. So I ran to the bathroom and cried. I came back feeling better about myself but everyone working was pointing and laughing at me.

The final third was very similar to the first. The spice subsided some and it was back to that original sweetness and creaminess rolled together. Man did this taste delicious! This is one maduro that I can actually say I’m a huge fan of.

Emilio Draig K - Nub
Emilio Draig K – Nub

Overall the strength of this Draig K isn’t that bad, I would call it a medium strength. However, I would label this as a full body stick in terms of flavor. Wow, it’s hard to think of other cigars that have this much flavor!

Would I Buy It Again?


Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Ehh, I wouldn’t this is more of a special smoke. Not something that I would hit up every day.

Would I Buy a Box?

Yes! Thats odd for me to say, but this is definitely box worthy.


Overall, the burn was ehh not so great. The draw was on par. But man on man, talk about flavor. This made up for everything else that the cigar was lacking in. I think this is what they were going for. Gary knew that this leaf probably wouldn’t burn very straight or even, but he said this leaf is so exquisite and so special it’s going to make up for the rest of the cigar’s downfalls. It does exactly that! This Draig K is a tobacco lover’s dream!

Emilio Draig K
Emilio Draig K

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32 thoughts on “Draig K

  1. Rich

    I’ve got some of the Draig K, the coronas, and now I have to try one out! Nice review…hope I can at least match what you experienced…(minus the funky burn, I’m OCD about that as well)

    1. Eric Scism

      Haha well I hope you can pull out the flavors as well! I experience on this cigar is outstanding!

  2. MattSRoss81

    Great review as always, Eric. The burn issues are not unique to you – I believe Gary has stated the wrapper must be in ideal conditions to burn properly in that vitola (perhaps he or Nate or someone can confirm). I’m actually thinking of torching my first Draig K today though I had wanted to let mine rest a bit longer to provide the best burn possible.

    1. Eric Scism

      Matt I’d love to hear what you think about this stick. Especially on the retrohale. I think that’s what really sets this cigar apart from others I’ve smoked. The wrapper is very unique, hopefully letting it set longer will provide a more even burn to it!

      1. MattSRoss81

        I loved this stick. I smoked the Corona which I had heard was the best vitola and is regularly my favorite. I burnt my fingers smoking to the nub.

        First, the prelight draw was the most complexly flavorful prelight draw I think I’ve ever taken. An absolute stunner.

        I gave these two weeks to rest and the burn was practically perfect. The retrohale gave a bit of spice/pepper/strength, but also provided some really interesting and complex flavors. I agree with the notion that this is not a beginner cigar, but is definitely a quality smoke that I want more of.

        1. Eric Scism

          Wow couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. 007MI6

    Nice, actually made audible laughs this time. Man up! “So I went in the bathroom and cried. I felt better about myself…”<—Awesome. 😉 Hopefully, I can swing by my B&M after work and see if he carries any Emilio's because I can't recall seeing any. BTW, would this be a good smoke to have on an evening fishing in the bay? *evil grin* As I await the wrath of that little comment.

    1. Eric Scism

      Haha I’m glad I made you laugh Jerad! You know if you keep harassing me with these fishing threats I’m gonna show up at your house one day and demand you take me. Don’t forget I had your address!

      1. 007MI6

        Oh shit…..forgot about that….

        1. Siz

          Yeah… You should be worried!

  4. Ryan H

    Never tried on before, looks like a great stick.

    1. Eric Scism

      Are they available anywhere near you Ryan? If you’re a fan of maduros I highly suggest these!

  5. jyow617

    I have one resting in my humidor that I haven’t brought myself to light up yet. Honestly, when I met Gary at the Chattanooga Tweet up, he told me the story behind this cigar, and I was on the verge of tears. Since then, I have been very reluctant to light it up.
    I have been told that these definitely needed to rest and also be dry boxed at least a day or 2 before smoking. That might help with the burn issues a bit.
    Thanks for the review! I really want to smoke one now!

    1. Eric Scism

      Yeah man when I heard the story it definitely tugs on your heart. What a great way to remember a dear friend. I think that definitely added another dimension to the cigar as well!

  6. Anthony Tassin

    Mmmm, sounds like a great cigar! Thanks for the review.

  7. Dbell

    Got a corona waiting, hopefully it still burns true

    1. Eric Scism

      Well, not sure if the burn will be great, but here’s hoping!

      1. Jamie Moore

        This review was posted 3 months ago, when I bought my first stick and smoked it. It did burn a bit unevenly, true. I smoked one last week though, and it had slight uneven burn at first, but was corrected by trurning it over so the heat would rise to the unburned part. Otherwise, it burned with quite a bit of even-ness. Perhaps letting them rest made a difference after all?

  8. JohnG

    I too have a Draig K sitting in the humidor. I remember Gary mentioning on its release that they might be a bit young so I’m letting it rest. I love his honesty and concern for his consumers. His entire line is fantastic. Great review Eric.

    1. Eric Scism

      Yes I agree he’s a great advocate for his consumers. He doesn’t want them to be disappointed and he gives out a ton of info which is always nice to hear!

  9. Zane Gamble

    Excited to try!

  10. Luna

    Your words here wound me! 🙂 I am a *relatively* new smoker and had resolved to order a few sticks of the d.K. to enjoy during the holidays -until I read this review.

    1. Eric Scism

      Glad I could help Luna!

  11. Steve

    Very Interesting. A cigar I may never get a chance to try (unless I win)

    1. Eric Scism

      Steve are Emilio cigars not distributed in your area? What area do you live / what is local cigar store?

  12. DavefromPhilly

    Nice review. Looking forward to trying these. My shop doesn’t have them in yet.

    1. Eric Scism

      Yeah make sure to hit Gary on twitter @emiliocigar to find out if and when they’re coming!

  13. Jamie Moore

    Visiting the United States of America from Canada, I was pretty sad about leaving behind the comfort of my Cuban cigars, but at the same time, excited to try out some new cigars more popular in America. (back in Canada, everyone basically goes straight for Cubans, ignoring the rest of the brands). We weren’t sure how long I was staying, so I only picked up two sticks. Some Arturo Fuente that literally smelled like horse dung while it was burning, and a Draig K. The Draig K was the first one I smoked, while I was still here, actually, and I enjoyed it. Though it was rougher than my Partagas from Cuba back home. (There’s a line of Partagas legal in the U.S, though these come from Dominican Republic, and are totally different; quality, but different)

    I liked that it was quite smooth for a non-Cuban (almost as smooth as a Cohiba from Cuba! Like Partagas, one brand, two sources) My room-mate, a non-smoker, enjoyed the aroma and scent of the cigar. Helped me pick it out at The Smoking Dog in Cherry Hill, NJ, actually. Great noses smell alike?.. Anyway, I liked it so much, than when I returned to NJ from a Christmas visit back home, we returned to The Smoking Dog, and I was sad to see the Draig K’s missing from the display cabinets. When I inquired, I was hit hard by a, ‘They’re limited editions, and what we have left is by the counter.’ Also the price tag went up by $3. Darn. No, that didn’t stop me from plucking up a Robusto. I love these sticks! I smoked it down to the stump. Basically to the point where you can’t even hold onto it, and anymore puffs and you’ll burn your lips. I had to put it out, and toss it out.
    I hope whoever made these sticks got good sales, and decides to produce them regularly, ’cause I could puff away on one regularly for sure!!!

    Admittedly, the pastel colored pink dragon band was a big selling point originally. haha!

    1. Jamie Moore

      After thought; I tend to light my cigars with wooden kitchen matches (about 3 inches long). Is that what you used, or did you use those crappy little cardboard things? The wooden ones I usually burn up 2/3 of the stick before dropping it in the ashtray. After some practice, I can light up a stick with 1 or 2 matches, as opposed to the 6 or 7 it originally took me to get a good light.
      Some ladies I’ve met find it more impressive when a man can light his cigar with a match or two, instead of a lighter. Like cracking an egg one-handed without crushing the shell. hahaha..

      1. Eric Scism

        Haha I alternate between matches and a lighter. I always use the wooden matches. They burn for much longer!

        Man I loved reading your story on this Draig K. To my knowledge it’s not a limited release per se. They had a limited amount of tobacco for it. The wrapper is a special Colombian Maduro, but I’m pretty sure they had quite a bit of it. I have definitely noticed the price tag increase on it, but $3 seems a like a steep price jump. I’m glad you enjoyed them though! Gary over at Emilio cigars would love to hear that

        1. Jamie Moore

          I enjoyed them enough to run out last night and get a couple more sticks. Sadly, left my hand-carved humidor from Cuba in Canada. D’oh! So I can only buy what I’ll smoke before they dry out.
          I don’t have facebook or twitter, so I can’t think of another way for him to read it unless you link him to this webpage.Glad you enjoyed my tale.

          1. Eric Scism

            I’ll send him a shout and let him know you enjoyed the cigar very much!

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