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Initial Thoughts

Nomad Cigar Co. is one of the newer brands out there that is making quite a name for itself in the cigar world.  Last year, the Dominican Line was on several peoples list of “Best Cigars of 2012” and with good reason.  That line of cigars was made with Dominican and Ecuadorian tobaccos.  This year, Fred Rewey, owner of NCC, has shifted focus to using Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler of his cigars.  This was first featured in the limited release of Esteli Lot 1386 and is also in the latest release, the S-307.

Nomad S-307 - Barrel
Nomad S-307 – Barrel

The name “S-307” is not some secret spy code.  The “S” stands for “Sumatra”, the type of wrapper leaf used.  The “307” stands for the approximate square miles of Esteli, Nicaragua, the place where this cigar is produced.  Rewey’s aim for this cigar was to top the previous Nicaraguan release and still make it affordable for the consumer.  It is available in stores that carry Nomad or Emilio cigars right now!

For this particular review, the S-307 Torpedo was given to us by Fred himself.  Though we are grateful for the sample, this will not play a part in the rating of this cigar.


The Nomad S-307 Torpedo is one of the more attractive cigars I’ve seen this year.  It was a little difficult both to wait to smoke it and to light it on fire due to my fondness for it’s appearance.  Is that weird?  Don’t answer that.

Nomad S-307 - Foot
Nomad S-307 – Foot

The Sumatra wrapper is a beautiful dark chocolate shade with a few prominent veins and visible seams.  The torpedo tip is nearly perfect, coming to a very clean point.  Looking at the foot, the very center does seem to have a little space, but appears to be filled quite well otherwise.

The band is very similar (if not the same) as most of the other Nomad cigars.  It is charcoal with a red design.  The print is white with silver trim.  Just like the other lines, Fred’s Twitter handle “@GODFADR” is on the right side of the band.  Unlike other Nomads, the name of this cigar is printed on the left side.  Though this stick looks different then all the other lines, the name is helpful for those who are not familiar with the difference in the blends.


As stated, the Nomad S-307 Torpedo is a beautiful looking cigar.  The wrapper looks and feels silky smooth and there is a little bit of give when squeezed.

Nomad S-307 - 1st Third
Nomad S-307 – 1st Third

The aromas on the foot are strong earth, hay, and a hint of molasses.  The barrel is a heavy, rich cocoa and earth.

As I’ve said before, I am usually not a fan of torpedo-tip cigars due to the frequency of draw issues I experience.  When I do smoke them, I usually choose to cut the cap at a 45-degree angle, which is what I did on this one.  I have to say, this was one of the easiest caps to cut that I can remember.    There is the perfect amount of airflow on the draw.  The notes I get are earth, hay, and a touch of cocoa.


I decide to break out my single torch lighter for the Nomad S-307.  It lights up pretty evenly and stays that way all the way until the end.  Whenever it does start to get a little wavy, it self corrects.  Like on the pre-light, the draw is perfect, never plugging or tarring up.  I get tons of smoke on every draw.

Nomad S-307 - 2nd Third
Nomad S-307 – 2nd Third

The ash is also very solid, lasting an inch at a time.  Though it does have a slight bend to it, it hangs on really well.  It is mostly white with some gray and black specks. Very nice!


Since this is the first Nomad S-307 I’ve smoked, I don’t have any previous experience to draw from for a comparison.   With its attractive appearance and solid construction though, it has a high expectation to live up to.  Did it deliver?

Nomad S-307 - Nice Ash
Nomad S-307 – Nice Ash

The first third begins with some black pepper and earth.  After several puffs, some cocoa and nut flavors develop.  As this section progresses, it starts to get a little sweet (like molasses) and smooth.  Some wood notes come out as it moves into the next section.

The second third has a nice sweet, woody, nutty, peppery mix of flavors.  There is also some cocoa on the finish as well.  The retrohale is smooth and spicy with a touch of sweetness like I got in the first section.

Nomad S-307 - Final Third
Nomad S-307 – Final Third

The final third is sweet, spicy, woody, and nutty with some cocoa to boot.  It also starts to get tangy near the end.  The finish is almost minty, but definitely some floral character sneaking in there.

The final inch gets a tad harsh.  It starts to go out, so I go ahead and purge it.  That did the trick!  The final puffs are mostly wood and nuts with a touch of sweetness.  By the end, the pepper has disappeared.

The Nomad S-307 Torpedo is a very flavorful, yet smooth cigar that was extremely enjoyable.  It was medium in strength and medium full in flavor.  Smoke time was 1 hour 50 minutes.

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely!  I already have!

Is It An Everyday Smoke?

Yes, though I would probably go with a robusto on most occasions.

Would I Buy a Box?

Yes.   A box of 21 is around $170.


Nomad S-307 - Nub
Nomad S-307 – Nub

The Nomad S-307 Torpedo is another hit from Fred Rewey.  The start with the Dominican line produced some great cigars.  I think the shift to Nicaraguan tobaccos is having the same result.  Compared to the Esteli Lot 1386, I think the S-307 is a market ready product that is an excellent cigar right off of the shelf.  Combine that with a very affordable price, and I feel like this may be an even bigger hit than last year’s Dominican line.  I highly recommend trying some today!


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2 thoughts on “Nomad S-307

  1. gene

    Hi Eric

    Leave it to you to finish off 2013 with a stogie completely off of my radar with a “10” at that !

    When I noticed Esteli mentioned, you were in my part of town. I liked “buy again – I already have” Enough said for me. My three humidors are at max, hopefully after the holidays I’ll have room to sneek one past my Honey. I got a Liga Privada Velvet Rat & a bottle of Four Roses 125 yr. Small Batch for my 65th last month. I plan on a special New Years. I’ll raise a toast to you & yours.
    Have a Blessed Christmas my friend.
    Your BOTL,

    1. Eric Scism

      Wow Gene, incredibly kind words. I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate all you that come and check out the site on a regular basis. Thank you so much. As for the cigar, yes it’s incredible! We’re trying to get some links up to current online retailers that carry it. It’s a slow process but we’re getting there. So stay tuned if you can’t find it anywhere locally we should have links up pretty soon!

      Congrats on the 65th! You got a heck of a birthday package there. I’ve been trying to track down that FR 125 all year! Merry Christmas and have a great New Years Gene!

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