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Mint Julep Season is Upon Us


As you may or may not know, Mint Julep season is upon us. I know what you’re thinking, Siz, why the hell are you so fired up about Mint Juleps? Well I’ll tell you why. Last year I went to Churchill Downs in Louisville and spent the day at the races. There is nothing more refreshing in the summer than a perfectly made Mint Julep. If you throw in horse racing and winning (notice I didn’t say betting, I always win at the races so I say winning, just kidding, kind of) and Mint Juleps you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

So Woodford Reserve and Juli Box are giving you the ability to bring the Mint Julep experience into your own house with the JuliBox.  I love the idea of this box it’s a perfect gift for anyone that’s planning on having a Derby party. If you show up with some Woodford Reserve you’re sure to be the life of the party. This JuliBox gives you everything you need to make Mint Juleps in your home in case you can’t make it out to the Derby. One sip and you’ll be hooked on them! This drink is one of the simplest to make and it’s incredibly refreshing! Don’t want to buy the JuliBox then make a Mint Julep yourself with the recipe below!




  • leaves from mint sprigs (3-5)
  • 1-2 sugar cubes or 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • 2 1/2 oz bourbon 
  • mint sprig for garnish


  1. Place the mint and syrup or sugar into a glass preferably a pewter Julep cup.
  2. Use a Muddler to crush and dissolve the sugar and to release the oil and aroma of the mint.
  3. Add your favorite bourbon
  4. Fill with crushed ice and stir and then
  5. Rinse and Repeat

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7 thoughts on “Mint Julep Season is Upon Us

  1. Patrick H. Copeland

    I cannot wait for warmer days, baseball (and the races) on with a Julep in hand.

    1. Eric Scism

      You and me both PCope!

  2. Jim Moreno

    I have never had a mint julip, sad to say. And look! I have a bottle of Woodford Reserve right here on my shelf.

    1. Eric Scism

      Jim if you have a bottle of Woodford then I highly suggest you find a way to make a mint julep, wait for the weather to warm up a bit and then enjoy!

      1. Jim Moreno

        Roger that!

  3. 007MI6

    I love mint julips! I even have my own mint plant. Can’t beat fresh mint from the plant! 😉

    1. Eric Scism

      That’s awesome Jerad! I need to get my own too. Then i could enjoy them year round!

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