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There may not be fire. It may just be the scent of tobacco cologne; an intriguing musk brought to you by the folks at Portland General Store. The description on the site reads, “Sweet tobacco with some floral elements. Top notes of bergamot, lavender, and neroli open to tobacco, leather, and wood. Tonka beans, with their scent reminiscent of freshly mown hay, add softness to the striking blend.”

Definitely appealing as are all of the other products on the site including the whiskey cologne and the cigar box sampler. So, if you enjoy the sweet, sweet smells of whiskey and tobacco (perhaps you want to smell like the fantastic Beale Street Rhythm that Siz reviewed) , be ready to drop a pretty penny on these products (colognes run $70.00 for a 15 ml bottle), but expect a top-notch and highly unique product.

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