Flor de Las Antillas
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Flor de Las Antillas


Initial Thoughts

The Flor de Las Antillas is one of the most beautiful cigars that I have ever seen. I kept seeing reviews for this cigar online and I was determined to find it in a store. So on my last trip to my local B&M I made it a point to look for this cigar. It wasn’t exactly easy to find on the shelves though so you may have to go online and buy it.

Flor de Las Antillas
Flor de Las Antillas

This cigar is the latest in a line from the My Father brand. If you remember I recently reviewed the Jaime Garcia Reserve Especial Limited Edition 2011. The My Father brand is known for pumping out great cigars. The Don Pepin line is one that is constantly rated highly across the cigar-verse.

Without knowing much about this cigar I just wanted to dive right into it because the beauty of it pulled me right in. So lets get this review moving along!


Heads and shoulders above some of the other cigars I’ve smoked recently, the Flor de Las Antillas, looks stunning. The band at the top of the barrel is so intricate with the detail that it is truly a work of art. The main image focuses on two women working in a tobacco field. One is in the nude and the other is fully clothed. The image reminds me of art from the Renaissance period. The color used in the band is another unique feature. Most of the colors are pastel and lighter shades than you typically don’t see in this industry. Most bands are designed to signify intensity and boldness while sitting on the shelves. This band brings out some great subtle qualities and a quietness in the art that draws attention to it all its own.

Flor de Las Antillas - Looks
Flor de Las Antillas – Nice Red Ribbon

Along with the gorgeous band at the top, the Flor de Las Antillas has a unique maroon ribbon placed at the foot of the cigar. It adds a look of elegance to this cigar and again helps set it off from others in my humidor. I was a little confused as to why they connected the ends of the ribbon together which clear tape instead of glue. Maybe the glue couldn’t hold the ribbon together? I’m not sure, but it still looks fantastic.

The wrapper on this cigar is Nicaraguan sun grown and it looked flawless. A reddish brown with very small intricate veins running down it. It was stunning how beautiful this cigar looked when completed. I was a little upset that it was about to go up in flames, but at the same I’m ready for it!


As good as the Flor de Las Antillas looks, I sure hope it delivers the goods on the backend as well. I made sure to properly check this cigar when I picked it up at my B&M. I let this stick sit in my humidor at home for a good 3-4 weeks. When I decided it was time to review it I gave it another pinch test and rolled it through my fingers to check for any soft spots. This cigar as a whole felt perfect with just the right amount of firmness. There was a little bit of give and sponginess to the filler, but not enough to cause concern.

Flor de Las Antillas - First Third
Flor de Las Antillas – First Third

The triple cap on the Flor de Las Antillas looks perfect. I chose to use my V Cutter on this cigar. Recently, I’ve been using the V cut and I’m beginning to prefer it. There tends to be a lot less mess when you cut a V into the head and it also condenses the smoke into one narrow channel. After taking a nice little wedge cut out of the head I tested the cold draw. This cigar pulled like a champion Budweiser clydesdale! I knew this was going to be a fun cigar to smoke.


I’m still sticking to my new match lighting technique. It hasn’t failed me yet. Since matches are typically free I figure might as well master the art of using them right? I got the foot of the Flor de Las Antillas toasted very quickly with one match and then I was puffing away effortlessly in no time. The smoke coming off this cigar wasn’t as heavy and as blue as I typically like. However it burned even and the draw was easy so there’s really nothing to complain about.

Flor de Las Antillas - Even Burn
Flor de Las Antillas – Even Burn

One thing that I loved about this cigar is the way the ash formed. It’s hard to describe, luckily I got a few good pictures. I’ve seen some other cigars do this as well, and I’m assuming it has something to do with how the filler is packed. The edges of the ash curl and round over each and form ridges that look like the skin of a sharpei dog. Thats honestly the best description I can give you. I love how it looks though, the ash isn’t all flakey and falling apart. It’s very tight and looks like the wrapper just burned right of the top and left it in the wake.

Flor de Las Antillas - Final Third
Flor de Las Antillas – Final Third

I honestly didn’t have one issue with the burn of the Flor de Las Antillas. It stayed fairly even the whole smoke and I didn’t have to touch it up at all. I was very happy with it’s performance. The only issue I did have this cigar was when I removed the band. Some excess glue had seeped out onto the wrapper and when I tried to move the band, a little piece of the wrapper came with it. Other than that the draw, the burn, the construction were all flawless and it made it so much easier to sit back and relax and really enjoy this cigar.


The flavor profile on the  Flor de Las Antillas was exceptional. When I nosed the foot of the cigar I picked up a very sweet smell. It smelled like a combination of chocolate and molasses. Very dark smells, they were exceptionally pleasant, yet dark. On the dry draw I also picked up on a lot of sweetness coming through. I could definitely pick up a strong chocolate and creamy flavor to it. Since chocolate is my favorite thing to eat I started getting really excited about this smoke and I’m dreaming of a chocolate flowing fountain like those Golden Corral commercials!

Flor de Las Antillas - Second Third
Flor de Las Antillas – Second Third

Once I lit up the Flor de Las Antillas I began picking up a slight pepper on the tongue. Especially when I touched my tongue to the roof of my mouth. The chocolate and creaminess were still there and were the major notes on the cigar, but it finished with a nice hint of pepper to keep you on your toes.

Flor de Las Antillas - Final Third
Flor de Las Antillas – Final Third

I’d classify this cigar as a medium-full body. It wasn’t overpowering, it had great body and incredibly smooth. The dominate flavors weren’t overbearing which was nice. This cigar was blended really well and everything worked in harmony with one another. Sometimes I like big bold cigars with a lot of spice and then there are times when I like mellowed down cigars that are just smooth and nothing too drastic. This cigar is one of those.

Flor de Las Antillas - Nub
Flor de Las Antillas – Nub

The flavors stayed very consistent from the beginning all the way to the end. Surprisingly, I never got bored with this cigar. I just sat there and enjoyed it and admired how delicious it was. Even the retrohale didn’t burn my nostril like most cigars do.

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely, without knowing much about it this cigar will continuing be making appearances in my humidor. The more My Fathers cigars I try the more I fall in love with that line. At $7 a stick its hard to find a better cigar!

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

This could be an everyday smoke without a doubt. Easy to draw, easy to smoke, and great flavor that’s not overpowering. I would consider making this one my go to stick.

Would I Buy a Box?

Yes I would. This cigar is definitely box worth. At $120 a box It’s one of those cigars that you don’t have to age, and I doubt it would mellow out any more from aging. I’d be interested in seeing what it would do if you aged this though. Might have to think about that one.


Overall the  Flor de Las Antillas was a real treat to smoke. After reading all the buzz about it online I understand why so many people were talking about it. Great flavor, easy to smoke, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Flor de Las Antillas
Flor de Las Antillas

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7 thoughts on “Flor de Las Antillas

  1. travelingstogie

    Nice solid review.  This cigar has received mixed ratings with reviewers and smokers alike so it makes me think it’s one of those cigars that has to fit your flavor profile to really be enjoyed.  

    1. Eric Scism

      @travelingstogie:disqus Thanks man! Yeah I’d agree, it hit my flavor profile really well. I enjoy some spice every now and again, but I’m also a big fan of the smooth creamy flavor. So this cigar was awesome for me!

  2. 007MI6

    Sounds like a great cigar! Nice review, it’s on my list now. 🙂

  3. Anthony Holmes113

    I just tried this stick at my local B&M on Tuesday….went back to the store on Thursday and picked up 3 more…On Friday I will be buying a box. I really like this stick!

    1. Eric Scism

      @d40a47ca41114dab2611470952ebd4b3:disqus Awesome man! I glad you liked it. I was really impressed with it. The My Father line is a great line of sticks!

  4. Josh z

    A lot of people wonder why it won best cigar of the year. All I can say is that it’s a very easy stick to like and even if it’s not everyone’s favorite, I think most would like it, a lot even. Because it’s so easy to smoke, not overpowering for beginners and not boring for those who enjoy full bodied, I believe the title of best cigar is justified. Is it my favorite? No, but I would definitely recommend and smoke it again.

    1. Eric Scism

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Josh! Great take on it.

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