Guayacan by Noel Rojas
Cigar Review Guayacan Mild Body

Guayacan by Noel Rojas


Initial Thoughts

After I learned a bit about the man behind this cigar, I was intrigued. Would it taste tough, oily and aromatic? Would there be woody notes in the flavor? Would I feel like a tourist while I smoked it?

The Guayacan line is another cigar distributed by Emilio Cigars. Seems we’ve been on an Emilio kick lately. So far, all points have pointed to amazing with everything else that Emilio has so I was hoping this cigar would be incredible as well.


The appearance of this cigar was thick, dense and meaty looking. It had a heavy feel in my hand (she whispered) and had a nice sheen look to it.

Guayacan by Noel Rojas - Head
Guayacan by Noel Rojas – Head

The Ecuadoran Habano wrapper was a solid brown color that almost seem to sparkle in the sunlight outside. When the torcedor rolled this cigar, he or she must have used a lot of the vegetable paste or oil byproduct that’s used to seal the band around the cigar. There was a lot of this oily/pastey substance that looked like it was seeping out from behind the band.

I’ll be honest; the overall look of this cigar wasn’t pretty. There were two heavy veins and two splits on the wrapper. At the foot, there was a sizeable chunk missing from the wrapper. The triple cap looked as if whomever applied it was very rushed at the time. I can get past not-so-hot construction if the flavor is still there; after all, these are handmade products.


Given what I just said about the looks and the construction, I found no soft spots at all. This Guayacan cigar looked to be packed very evenly throughout.

Guayacan by Noel Rojas - Foot
Guayacan by Noel Rojas – Foot

After smelling the wrapper I got a very light tobacco smell. On the foot, a very faint hay flavor and a skotch of spice.

I clipped this torpedo with my vintage cigar cutter and got a very nice medium cold draw. Again, this cigar felt heavy and seemed to be packed full of tobacco. There was a very light taste in the draw of leather and tobacco.


Ok, time to get this cigar goin! I used my Lotus torch lighter to get this thing toasted. Very soon after, I had to touch up the burn because it was very uneven. From that point on, the burn stayed fairly even but not perfect.

The ash never hung on for long. Maybe just a half-inch or so and flaked off pretty quick.

Guayacan by Noel Rojas - First Third
Guayacan by Noel Rojas – First Third

About halfway through the second third, the burn started canoeing and I had to touch it up again.

The actual smoke was gray in color and there was a medium amount of it. It smelled like burnt leaves.


After taking the first few puffs, there was a hickory, smoky flavor in my mouth. It reminded me of burning grass (not THAT kind of grass. Sheesh…). There was a little spice but overall, a very mild flavor.

Guayacan by Noel Rojas - Ash
Guayacan by Noel Rojas – Ash

A nuttiness showed up towards the end of the first third and that grassy taste was gone. Into the second there was a small amount of floral flavor that showed itself but everything was very mild.

Into the final third, the spice had gone and a lot of the flavor had subsided. Finally in the nub, a little more of the floral flavor had come back but not much.

Guayacan by Noel Rojas - Final Third
Guayacan by Noel Rojas – Final Third

Is It An Every Day Smoke?

No, not for me.

Would I Buy A Box?



On Guayacan’s website, they list this cigar as being medium to full bodied. I didn’t get that at all. To me, it was a mild cigar through and through. It may have opened up into the nub as medium but everything else was mild.

I was surprised by the somewhat lack of flavor this cigar had since it was packed full and the blend was Nicaraguan. I didn’t not enjoy it but, I’d much prefer something with more flavor.

Noel Rojas was quoted about his Guayacan cigar saying, “I’m not trying to make the best cigar in the world, I want to make something people will enjoy smoking.”

Guayacan by Noel Rojas - Nub
Guayacan by Noel Rojas – Nub

I guess I understand what he’s saying but unfortunately, because he was not trying to make the best cigar in the world, I feel he may have produced a sub-par product. My two cents…

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7 thoughts on “Guayacan by Noel Rojas

  1. Jeremy Ellis

    Great read

  2. BlindEyeCigars

    I’m surprised this got a 7. Sounds more like a 3-4.

    1. Eric Scism

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I figured with the way the review it would be a 5ish. I asked Frank about it and he said he liked the flavors it was just the construction was an issue.

  3. great sticks

    I’m really surprised with this review i smoked the cigar and it was great. congrats noel on a great stick.

    1. Eric Scism

      Yep, different smokes for different folks. We’re not all going to agree on a particular cigar. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m sure there are other sticks that you love and we dislike and vice versa. Thanks for dropping by the site and reading the review!

    2. Guayacan Cigars

      Thanks great sticks! Check out the knew maduro!

  4. Guayacan Cigars

    We all have to remember that cigars are hand maded…and as a cigar manufacturer I can tell you this , of the 20 000 cigars I maded every month, one cigar could have construction problems. I teach my rollers to use the classical Cuban technique , entubado and triple cap, and I tell them how blend the tobacco.If just for one moment they miss one leaf of a particular blend, that cigar will not have the rigth blending. And yes, that kind of things happened , because even machines makes mistakes. I want to thank you for the comment, so I will have more attention with that issue. On the other hand, after one year of reviews, this is the first time I heard something negative about the cigar. The fact that I did started a year ago rolling the cigars on the living room of my house at Esteli, and rigth now I am building a brand new factory increasing the production of cigars little by little, speaks for it self of the hard work, passion and love that I dedicated to my cigars, and the respect for those who smoke them. I’m currently at the IPCPR booth # 1660 with “House of Emilio” . Please Frank, if you are around, stop by my booth, and pick up any of my cigars, and taste the real flavor of a super premium boutique cigar

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