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Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads


Initial Thoughts

The Tennessee Waltz is a new regular production release from the guys over at Crowned Heads, and it’s only available in the state of Tennessee. Mr. Huber told me specifically the first round of 5,000 has already sold out, and the next shipment will arrive in 3-4 weeks.  According to their site this cigar was created to say Thank You to all the support they’ve received from the great people in Tennessee. Seeing as how their home office is located in Nashville, it makes sense that they want to give something back to the people that have been supporting them and helping spread the word since the beginning.

The name Tennessee Waltz comes from the classic tune, and that was part of the inspiration behind the release as well. Jon Huber adds that the song holds a place near to his heart. It’s the song that was playing the first time his Grandfather met his Grandmother in the dance hall back in the good ole days. He says that he vividly remembers hearing the tune whistled by his grandfather all throughout his youth. Clearly a cigar made out of a deep passion and gratitude for the state of Tennessee.

Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads - Barrel

Seeing as how I live in Nashville, I knew I had to pick up one of these on the day that they were released. So I rushed over to my local shop on the way home and picked up a couple to bring home and review. So let’s dive into it and see if this cigar can dance. (too cheesy? Yeah I thought so too.)


Taking a look at the Tennessee Waltz there’s not much to report in on in terms of branding. The cigar has a foot band made of fabric similar to the Flor De Las Antillas. The band is similar to University of Tennessee orange. As a personal side note, that UT color orange makes me want to puke. Being a Arkansas Razorback fan I can’t help but hate that color of orange. Especially in the fall during football season. However, I’ll try to keep my personal bias at bay for the review… I quickly removed the band so I wouldn’t have to see it any longer and it helps keep the gag reflex down as well.

Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads - Head

Once the hideous band is removed I can focus on the beauty of this Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Rich and dark in color, the wrapper also has a beautiful texture to it. There is a good amount of tooth running up and down the barrel as well, providing a nice textured grip. When I was walking around the humidor carrying these cigars I could feel the oil oozing out of the wrapper onto my hands. I couldn’t wait to get them home to smoke them.

The box is pretty simple looking, but it gets the job done. Light brown with a burnt stamp onto the outward facing panels that states the name. Unlike past releases there doesn’t appear to many ‘DaVinci Code’ like items to sift through and try to understand all the little meanings behind the artwork. This box is simple, and to the point.

Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads


I nipped the cap with a new cutter that my man Frank Cuden gave me. The dry draw was exceptional. Tons of air coming through the barrel, offering a nice preview as to what was coming later in the cigar. This Tennessee Waltz was constructed very well. Just a slight bounce back when I pinched the barrel. A nice firminess all the way around. I’m ready to put some fire to it and see how it lights up.


It didn’t take long for the foot to take the flame. Initially it brought out a little bit of harshness in terms of flavor. Not sure what was going on, but that first 1/4″ was slightly bitter and the burn was a little wonky. After it made it through it was good to go. I held the first ash for around the 1″ mark. Before it safely made it to the ashtray. The burn line was never laser straight but it also never got out of line where I had to retouch it. So I can’t complain about that! Overall a very enjoyable smoking experience, which is something I think we’ve all come to expect from the fellas at Crowned Heads. Now, it’s time to get into the flavors. Let’s see what they’ve cooked up for us to enjoy.

Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads - 1st Third


I really enjoy the pre light aroma on this Tennessee Waltz. It gives off a nice dose of spice that really seems to hit you in the back of the throat with a bit of a tingle. After that I picked up on a nice rich earthy note that transitions into a sweet tobacco smell.

Upon lighting I did get some bitterness that eventually faded away. After that minor diversion the main show started. I was hit with a big savory note. There’s a big spice up front similar to black pepper and then it dissipates and leaves you with a mouth watering savory note. The retrohale is where the cigar really shines. Giving off a nice complex profile, that is balanced with these two flavors dancing back and forth.

Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads - 2nd Third

The second third starts to change things up. That dominant spice has backed off some to let some minor notes take over. I keep picking up on this rich mocha note that is subtle and points, but then sometimes it comes roaring out. However, that savory/earthy note continues to be the backbone of the cigar.

In the final third the Tennessee Waltz  picks back up on the spice. At some points it’s even more dominant than in the first third, especially on the retro. Even though the spice is the dominant note, it’s not overpowering. There is always balance within in the blend, which is something that I love to see on any cigar. Overall a great flavor profile that was well balanced and had some tasty offerings along the way.

Would I Buy It Again?

Sure would.

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

 Not for me. It’s a limited release so I can’t see smoking them everyday.

Would I Buy a Box?

I would consider it. The first thing I would have to do though is go in and take off all those orange foot bands.


Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads - Nub

Overall I enjoyed this Tennessee Waltz from the guys at Crowned Heads. It offered a great flavor profile that was rich and balanced. It’s not going to be something that I reach for over and over again like the Headley Grange or the Jericho Hill. However, I could see getting a few of these and letting them age to see how they transform over the years. I love the use of the broadleaf and I think it ages very well so I would certainly see that as a possibility in the future as well. So if you’re in the state of Tennessee I would recommend going out and trying one and seeing if you like it. If you don’t live in Tennessee, well I guess you’re out of luck and you’ll have to come visit.

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3 thoughts on “Tennessee Waltz by Crowned Heads

  1. Kyle Young

    I’m really enjoying my waltz. Definitely big pepper notes but I also got a mild vanilla and some hits of cherry. That wrapper is amazing!

    1. Eric Scism

      Man, I think I got two bum sticks, b/c the two that I bought were average. I smoked one w/ Jon over the CH headquarters and it was incredible. I’m not sure what’s going on though. I’m gonna buy a couple more this weekend and hopefully they’ll be as good as the one Jon gave me!

      1. Kyle Young

        I got mine at the Shop in the Belle Meade Kroger plaza. It went out half way through, little disappointing. It’s really good, but I still prefer the Calaveras.

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