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The Happiest (Cigar Smoking) Mayor In America


Ok, so he’s not the Mayor anymore but for 12 years, Oscar Goodman served as Mayor of Las Vegas. His wife now occupies the Mayoral office but during his time in that seat, Mr. Goodman did a lot for the city of Las Vegas. He also smoked a lot of cigars.

There was an article in Cigar Aficionado from December 2008 about this man and his love for cigars. Recently, and very out of the blue, I thought about this article and how much I enjoyed reading it. I’m also a huge organized crime fan (learning about it, not the actual crime itself!) and before becoming Mayor of Las Vegas, Mr. Goodman happened to be the lawyer of choice for many notorious mobsters.

Check out the article here and learn a bit more about this man. I related to him immediately and I think you just may as well!

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