Emilio Releases La Musa Cigars


Press Release – November 2, 2012 – Emilio Releases La Musa Cigars

Gary Griffith, owner of Emilio Cigars, announced today that the long anticipated release of La Musa Mousa is scheduled for the week of November 5.  The initial shipments will occur by mid week to those who have placed preorders, followed by allocation of cigars to newer accounts wishing to open.

In addition to the previously available 3 sizes of robusto, toro, and torpedo, the La Musa Mousa will be available as a regular production cigar in corona size. Each year there will also be 200 boxes of lancero made available to select Emilio retailers.

As most are aware, this blend is the rebranding of the highly acclaimed Grimalkin cigars.

“We are pleased to finally see these cigars come to market”, said Griffith, “and look forward to the announcement of the release date for La Musa Melete, second blend in this series, soon.”

Interested retailers should contact National Director of Sales Nathan McIntyre for additional information on availability.

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