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Initial Thoughts

I came across this bottle of Sam Houston Whiskey one day at my local liquor store. In fact I went down during lunch to pick up a bottle. I started a new tradition at my new office called Whiskey Friday. Each week I try to convince someone to go buy a bottle of whiskey and we can sample different ones. Each week the person who buys the whiskey rotates and we all get to try something different. Sounds like a win win right?



I was looking at the entire selection of whiskey / bourbon at the store and this bottle kept catching my eye. It could be the fact that it’s in a giant metal tin container or the fact that it has a nice dark blue stripe on the bottom. Either way, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Nor could I take my eyes off the price, $29! I thought to myself, it’s got a sweet tin container and it’s only $29 it’s either gonna freaking awesome, or it’s gonna suck something awful… Those were the two rationals in my head. So I went ahead and took a leap of faith and purchased the bottle and headed on back to work to crack it open.

I looked high and low trying to find some information on this brand and to be honest there really isn’t anything, anywhere. Even the company website doesn’t have any info. Just a few tasting notes. Hopefully some info will start filtering out soon and we can all learn more about this Sam Houston Whiskey.


Well I’ve already partially described the bottle and packaging, but I think it’s worth repeating. Like I said this bottle comes in a nice tall tin container. The outside is a classic looking two tone with tan on the top and bottom is a nice dark rich blue. There’s a big 5 point star in the middle of the container which looks similar to the star that the state of Texas uses on everything. This makes sense because Sam Houston is best known for his role in bringing Texas into the United States. Thanks Wikipedia!

Sam Houston Whiskey - Label
Sam Houston Whiskey – Label

The bottle is a nice tall bottle, so tall in fact that I can’t fit it in my liquor cabinet and I have to leave it setting out. Which means it’s going to be consumed much faster than the rest of my bottles. Not a bad thing right? There’s nothing too fancy going on with the bottle, just a simple label on the front and back. Neither gives anymore information on the actual product. Just states the necessary credentials for alcohol. Even though it’s fairly simple, I’m actually a big fan of it. I think because it’s got a nice dark blue in the color that makes me like it even more!

The color of this Sam Houston Whiskey is a nice amber color. It looks like liquid honey, is honey already liquid?… Well to me it looks exactly like honey. Beautiful hue to it, and it has a nice shimmer when light strikes it.

Reviewed Neat


First whiffs out of the bottle and I know this is a nicely aged whiskey. Which is interesting, because their website states that it’s whiskey made from Kentucky bourbon. I’m not sure what they’re trying to hide here, if they add some sort of flavoring to it because otherwise they should / could be calling it bourbon. It’s interesting how they’re distinguishing this product. Anyway, the nose brings out strong notes of vanilla and caramel. Which is exactly what I expected from this bottle. In fact it’s what I expect from every bottle of bourbon or whiskey. I have high standards. It does smell a little young, as if it could use some more time aging.

Sam Houston Whiskey - Bottle & Glass
Sam Houston Whiskey – Bottle & Glass


This is where it’s at, this Sam Houston Whiskey just hit me perfectly on my palate. I did not expect it to taste this good! As I said, it smelled a little young so I was expecting to get a slightly younger tasting whiskey, but boy this stuff is legit. It has a very smooth spice, nothing that’s intense and trying to burn your face off. I picked up some really nice bits of honey on the tongue and a sweet creaminess. The sweetness that is pouring out of this “whiskey” reminds more of bourbon than anything. Which makes sense because it’s “made from bourbon”, whatever that means.


Sam Houston Whiskey - Glass
Sam Houston Whiskey – Glass

Can the finish compliment the flavors on the palate? … Absolutely it can! This Sam Houston Whiskey has a nice long lasting finish that really coats your mouth. There is a nice charcoal / smokey finish which leads me to believe they charcoal filter this whiskey and that’s why they can’t call it bourbon. Again, I don’t have any of this background info so it’s only speculation at this point, maybe I’m just picking up this charcoal from being aged in the bourbon barrels? I don’t know I’ll keep drinking more to find out, for science of course! There’s also a nice lingering spice on this finish, it’s warming spice. Again nothing that’s burning my face off, just a nice smooth enjoyable spice.


Sam Houston Whiskey: 9/10 

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this bour…whiskey! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and for only $29 I really can’t beat it. There is a nice bit of complexity with the flavors, a nice depth to the blend, and the overall experience is very pleasurable. I think everyone should give this a try. I know there aren’t a lot of people out there talking about it, but I think more people will be talking soon! Mark my words.

Sam Houston Whiskey
Sam Houston Whiskey

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9 thoughts on “Sam Houston Whiskey

  1. Frank Cuden

    Great review, Siz! I wanna try some of that Alamo juice fo sho! 🙂

  2. Cigar Inspector

    Sounds great. Any suggestions for pairings?

    1. Eric Scism

      I would have to say something a little spicy and fuller in body. Definitely a Nicaraguan stick would be my initial thought!

      1. Cigar Inspector

        Thanks! Maybe a Tatuaje or Padron.

  3. Brian Akin

    They have this at BevMo for $19.99 and I’ve been passing it up every time. I might just have to pick up a bottle on Friday as per your recommendation, however…

    1. Eric Scism

      Honestly, I kept passing it up too, b/c I saw it on the top shelf in this nice metal tin and I was like that’s gotta be expensive. Without ever looking at the price. I was blown away for how good it was for $30! I would highly suggest it!

  4. don morgan

    For what it is worth, which is most likely very little, this is a blend of young and old whiskies with a number of different charred barrel levels and mash bills. As it is now, the whiskey in this sam houston bottle is superb. The label does the juice inside no justice or favors, and for me, the question is why? Could it be, because it is sourced, that the juice inside will or could swing widely in its future composition? Source is, bottle it, no need to mess with new or different labels?

    1. Eric Scism

      Don your comments are worth it to us! We realize there is still plenty out there that we don’t know so we encourage everyone to add to the conversation to make sure we’re telling people the correct story. I agree, this has some great juice in it. I was blown away it was as cheap as it is. I enjoy the packaging even though the bottle is a little underwhelming, the tin that holds it definitely commands your attention.

  5. Phil

    Couldnt disagree more. I must have spoiled myself over the years drinking blantons, eagle rare, 1792, and woodford reserve, to name a few. Sam houston whiskey, and why dont they refer to it as bourbon, is a smart car compared to the bmw’s and mercedes i preiously mentioned. The one thing i enjoy most about drinking bourbons and scotches is the unknown about trying a new one. I am usually pleasantly surprised but not this time. Too sweet, caramel flavor is overwhelming and dominates the palate. Maybe its too young, or might be better with a cigar, will have to try that one. I almost poured the bottle down the drain but my brother convinced me that it would make a good mixer bourbon. I love bourbon and like most small batches. Hell i will even drink beam or jack if thats all there is. Poor choice for top shelf at the liquor store. Sam houston lobby must be strong in maryland.

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