How to Pair Cigars Part 1

How to Pair Cigars Part 1


The Definition of a Cigar Pairing

Anytime you enjoy a cigar with a beverage, that beverage can be: water, coffee, pop (or Soda, or Coke depending on your vernacular), beer, spirits, or wine. More often than not when talking about a cigar pairing most of us are referring to a pairing that encompasses some sort of adult beverage. For me personally, I prefer to enjoy my cigars with some sort of distilled spirit, and my go to is bourbon or whiskey. Therefore that is what the majority of this guide will focus on.

So… Who the heck am I ?

My name is Eric Scism, I’m the proprietor or a site known as (Which You’re Reading Right Now, btw). I started this site as a simple project for me to chronicle my cigar and spirit tasting adventures. It has since led me to spending a lot of time learning, writing and conversing about cigars and spirits.

Eric Scism - Stogies On the Rocks

Am I some master taste maker that knows everything there is to know about cigar pairings? No, I don’t believe there is such a thing to be honest. I do know, that I have a profound love of cigars and spirits. With that, I tend to let my passion guide me when pairing cigars and sprits. Hopefully you’ll follow along with me on this journey and pick up a few things along the way.

While reading this guide, or any cigar or spirit reviews for that matter, please keep in mind that it is purely subjective, based on my taste preferences. You might agree with some of my recommendations, but you may not. In any case, the purpose of this is to serve as guide in helping you discover your own favorite pairings. I hope you will find it useful.

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