Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - 2nd Third
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Reinado Grand Empire Reserve


Initial Thoughts

Reinado is a brand that seems to be quite popular on review/new/social media outlet, but is not a common feature on shop shelves yet.  I have seen a lot of praise for their cigars on various sites, including “Top Cigar of the Year” on at least one or two of them.  While I have known about them for about two years now, I have yet to pull the trigger on purchasing any.  I kept waiting on someone to bestow upon me a sample or trade, and now my prayers have been answered!

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve

The Reinado Grand Empire Reserve (GER) was originally released in one size, the 5 x 55 back in 2012.  Since then, four more vitolas have been released; the Toro, Corona Gorda, Gordo, and a limited release Petite Lancero.  The Robusto and Toro are box-pressed, the rest are round.  All together, they make up the Premium Collection Grand Empire Reserve line.  And that is a mouthful!

Like I said, this sample was a gift, from Mr. Scism, and his incredible generosity.


The Reinado Grand Empire Reserve is a very enticing cigar.  It has a beautiful dark chocolate shade wrapper with minimal veins and smooth seams.  The only spot where the seams are a little rough would be on the cap.  The wrapper looks very smooth and the stick looks well packed.  The box press is also quite attractive.

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve

There are two bands on this cigar.  The first is red, gold, and white with white print.  It contains the brand name and country of origin.  The second band is gold with black print.  It distinguishes it as the Grand Empire Reserve (only line they have as of now).  Both are easily removed later on in the smoke.


Just like it looks, the Reinado GER feels very smooth and solid.  There is only the slightest give when squeezed, a good thing in my opinion, especially for a box-pressed cigar.

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - Foot

This stick has some intriguing aromas.  The foot is a nice mix of cocoa and molasses.  The barrel is molasses, earth, and manure.  Fortunately, the manure is more faint than the other two!

I clip the cap with my CRA cutter, but was tempted to punch it.  There is excellent airflow on the draw.  I get molasses, earth, and cocoa notes.


The Reinado Grand Empire Reserve has a pretty large ring gauge (at least for me), so it takes a moment to get it lit evenly with my single torch lighter.  Once I do, the burn line starts off a little wavy.  It continues to be uneven for most of the cigar, finally requiring a touch up in the last third.

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - 1st Third

The ash on this cigar is a little flaky.  As a whole, it hangs on for almost an inch.  During that time, little pieces fall off and the whole bunch falls at the tightest tap.  It is mostly white with some gray in the first half, but mostly gray in the second.

The highlight of the construction is the draw.  The draw is excellent throughout the smoke.  I get copious amounts of smoke on each puff and that is a good thing!


So far, the Reinado Grand Empire Reserve Robusto has been a beautiful cigar with a great draw, but not so great burn and ash.  While those things matter, the real test is the flavor.  How did it do?

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - Nice Ash

The first third begins with a spicy black pepper and tangy sweetness, much like ketchup.  The strength of the pepper begins to mellow a bit (but doesn’t become mellow), allowing some wood to join the tanginess.  The retrohale is both spicy and floral.

The second third continues with the spicy, tangy, woody sweetness.  It quickly adds some cocoa and floral notes as well.  Soon after, the cigar becomes a little creamy as the pepper continues to mellow, except for on the retrohale.  The wood increases as well.

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - 2nd Third

The final third boils down to mostly woody and tangy notes.  The cream is also present, but mostly on the finish.  Near the end, the wood really takes over.

The Reinado Grand Empire Reserve is medium-full in both flavor and strength.  Though the burn and ash are not ideal, they never interfere with the flavor or enjoyment of the cigar.  Total smoke time was 1 hour 15 minutes, though I probably could’ve gotten another 10-15 minutes out of it.

Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - Final Third

Would I Buy It Again?

Yes.  It is a little expensive but worth the price.

Is It An Everyday Smoke?

I would smoke one everyday.

Would I Buy a Box?

This one only comes in boxes of 20, which might be out of my price range.  Other vitolas come in boxes of 10, which is more manageable for me.


Reinado Grand Empire Reserve - Nub

Well, I am very happy that I finally got to try the Reinado Grand Empire Reserve.  It was a great cigar, chock full of flavors I enjoy.  The only complaints I have are the burn, ash, and the dominance of wood at the very end.  Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable, flavorful cigar that I believe is worthy of its price tag.  If you have access to them or don’t mind ordering online, do yourself a favor and try some today!

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