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And A Good Day To You Sir…or Madam! Welcome to the greatest website ever, Stogies on the Rocks! I’m gonna take a stab and say that if you are taking the time to read these Bio’s that you’re a fan already. Congratulations! We are all super cool…and kudos to you for having Great Taste!

Speaking of great Taste, spirits are delicious. I love food and beverage. If you need some proof, do check out my bank statements. I think what I love most about food and drink is that it’s usually a social activity. Couple that with cigars afterwards and you’ve ensured yourself a great time!

Over my short life span I’ve been fortunate enough to sample quite a few spirits. I don’t have any fancy training; just a love for food and drink. Couple that with a palate that likes a variety of tasty things and it’s made for an enjoyable experience. My favorite things about bourbon are the strong, bold taste; the warmth in your chest; and the flavors from my sweet Kentucky home. You might have read that Siz enjoys some bourbon with Mountain Dew to which I will generally reply, “Why is everything such a travesty with you Man!”

I’m looking forward to sharing my personal experiences and opinions alongside some great guys!


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