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Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself for a brief moment or two.  My name is PJ Fox and I’m the newest member of the Stogies on the Rocks team.  Being born in Germany and of Irish heritage, you can probably imagine why I will be reviewing spirits for this fine site.  DNA and genetics set this in motion long ago.  I did a guest review a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it so I’m back for more!

First things first, I met Siz through Isaac back in our college days at U of L.  Isaac and I were roommates and we took road trips to Nash-Vegas to Siz’s from time to time for some poker.  And what goes with poker?  Bourbon of course!  Mostly I engaged in sipping to even the playing field for the other smucks.  During my time in college I learned to appreciate good bourbon.  I’d nurse on a glass of Old Rip Van Winkle for hours while I studied.  I swear to this day I did my best studying with a Pappy there to help me along!

I am excited to be a part of this amazing site and team at Stogies on the Rocks and I look forward to sharing new experiences with everyone!  Cheers!

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