Patrick Copeland


Patrick Copeland

Hi there, I’m Patrick Copeland. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL where playing sports (particularly soccer) was my first love. As the son of two University of Alabama alums, I grew up loving – and still love – Alabama Crimson Tide football. Around the age of 18, embracing my second love (music), I taught myself to play piano which has led to great opportunities in writing, recording and touring the United States.

I now reside in Nashville, TN where my wife, Amanda, and I are raising six hens at our home. I can often be found embracing my true love – wine! I’m a wine buff, a musician, a journalist, and a photographer. I also love the oxford comma. My love for wine was mostly cultivated by my father, Barry, who is a true lover and independent student of wine. In 2002 after a stage studying in Grenoble in the South of France, my ardency for wine (particularly old world wine) was further enhanced after days and nights enjoying the best that Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France had to offer. In the 10 plus years since, my affinity for Southern French wines is evident in my daily wine choices, but I’m still frequently enjoying wines from the US West Coast, South America, Africa and Eastern Europe; all regions that are wonderfully employing delicious old and new world growing and aging techniques.

I currently write music under the moniker Everett. I’ve previously written music and performed with two other projects: Southern and The Glorious Unseen. Other things I enjoy include cigars, a nice Bordeaux, coffee, running, cooking, listening to music, reading, movies, and the TV show, Breaking Bad.

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