Jeremy Yow

Jeremy Yow

Who is this sexy, mystery man who writes these riveting cigar reviews for Stogies on the Rocks? Jeremy Yow, that’s who!

Born from the loins of Thor and Sif, Jeremy embarks on many treacherous journeys to obtain the most sought-after cigars in order to educate the world about their glory. Actually, he’s just a guy who happens to really love smoking cigars and pretends to know a thing or two about them.

Residing in Memphis, TN, I became acquainted with Siz through r/cigars and my many trips to Nashville. We have become good friends (i.e.-he tolerates me) and I am happy to be a part of the Stogies on the Rocks family!

I began smoking cigars in 1997, near the end of the Cigar Boom of the 90’s. It quickly became something I enjoyed on a regular basis. In fact, much of my college credit card debt was due to purchasing cigars!

Over the years, my interest peaked and waned, and while I continued to enjoy cigars on a semi-regular basis, I was not an avid smoker until a few years ago. Once I realized how out of the loop I was, I quickly dove back into the world of cigars and discovered a blossoming market full of new and exciting brands. Most intriguing to me was the emphasis on tobacco from Nicaragua.

Where in the past I would mostly stick to known brands, my mission for the last three years has been to try as many different cigars as possible. I began doing reviews after joining r/cigars (Reddit) and then for my own site, which I rarely update anymore. I found this to be something I enjoyed, as it helped me really focus on the different nuances of the cigar. Plus, I am quite forgetful, so having a written record of how a cigar performed comes in handy!

Fast-forward to the fall of 2013 and I started writing for SOTR. So far, Siz has kept me busy writing, so I keep slaving away over these reviews, being forced to smoke against my will. In the little bit of free time he gives me, I can be found at the gym, running, or practicing Wing Chun, none of which have anything to do with cigars. I hope you will enjoy the content here as well as my humble opinion on the cigars I smoke. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

-Jeremy on Google+

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