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Introducing SOTR’s Flavor Finder!

Why It’s Awesome:

  • Easily Find Other Cigars That Fit Your Taste Profile
  • Calculated % of Similarity Between Cigars
  • Quick Comparison of the Flavors via Our Flavor Wheel
  • Easy Links to Read the Review of Your Matched Cigar


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Flavor Finder Screenshot #1

How It Works

  • Our Flavor Finder compares 8 flavor groupings for each and every cigar that we have reviewed (200+)
  • It then compares the intensity level (1-5, 5 being the most intense) for each cigar and finds the 5 most similar cigars that we have reviewed and compares them side by side.
  • The scores range from 100% match to 0%, and most of the top 5 land in the range between 95-90% matching profiles.

Why You Should Use It

  • Helps you find cigars based on similar flavors profiles
  • Easily find new cigars to try
  • Stop wasting money on cigars that you probably won’t like

How You Can Use It

  • We’ve also conveniently placed links to both the cigar review that you have selected and for the matching cigar
  • You can view all 5 matches and see how the flavor wheels compare with each other to get a great visual comparison of the flavor profiles.
Flavor Finder Screenshot #2

All for Only $10 for a Year!

We believe the Flavor Finder will save you from buying numerous cigars that you won’t enjoy, based on your current selection. That’s why we’re only charging $10 a year! If we can save you from one bad cigar, then we feel like its worth the cost of the tool.

Plus, we’ll be adding more features in the future as well!

  • Our next addition will be user generated reviews and flavor profile matching
    • You already have the ability to leave a review and flavor profile for any cigar listed on our site. So we’re going to use that data in the Flavor Finder to find the most similar cigars based on our user’s review data!
  • We’ll also be adding in our Spirits review data and you’ll be able to find similar flavor bourbon, whiskey, rums, etc using your subscription.


So get started by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button below!


Steps to Complete

  1. Sign Up Above
  2. Create a new user account
  3. Pay through PayPal (either your account or it accepts credit cards)
  4. After successful payment you will be redirected back to the Flavor Finder page to Log In
  5. Then enjoy the Flavor Finder ALL DAY LONG!

P.S. If you have any issues signing up or logging in please email me by clicking here